Do you take your LV out in the snow?

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  1. Okay, so it's been snowing here for the past couple of days and I'm ITCHING to take my LVs out!! :Push: I know the water isn't good for the handles, but I am missing LV as my little partner in crime :sad:

    Do you take your LVs out in the snow??
  2. I have, but if I'm walking its usually a short trip. If I know I'll be in the car the majority of the time out, I definately take mine.
  3. Yeah, I just walked to the post office.. Figured I'd take my speedy.. But as I got out on the driveway I got scared and went inside to put it back in safety :P
  4. i think because mine is a bit older, i don't care as much as i should, but i take it out in the snow, but NOT in the rain.
  5. That's really funny, but totally understandable. I've never really given any thought to this, but I'm sure I will now. I do have a tendency not to carry leather bags when it's raining or snowing outside.
  6. Louis is so durable so, i would say go for it. I always use my speedy when it rains. Never bring untreated leather or canvas out where it has potential to get wet!
  7. Yeah, it's pretty new and hardly has any patina yet.. I didn't want it to stain and make the patina uneven :blink: Regular treated leather is fine, but the untreated is just asking for trouble..
  8. Doesn't your speedy have the untreated leather handles though? that's what I was worried about, the canvas will be fine in the snow for sure.
  9. Yeah, that makes sense. I think when my speedy has more patina it'll be fine to take on small trips in the snow. But next year I'll be in a warmer place (moving to the US with then hubby) so bye bye Sweden snow :lol:
  10. Yea, the handles are raw leather, but i notice that if you treat all your raw leather with apple lotion first, H2o doesnt really effect it, unless you drown your entire purse in a big bucket of water. Always pre-lotion your leather purses before your first wear.
  11. Apple lotion?? Hmmm, what is that?
  12. I use my LV's in winter. They are durable.
  13. I use mine all the time. I make sure that I have an umbrella if it's raining or sleeting.
  14. I thought I wasn't supposed to put anything on the handles but let them age on their own.. hmm, what have you guys done??