Do you take your Louis Vuitton to the beach?

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  1. Good Morning LVLovlies,

    I am the proud owner of 6 LV bags of different types. I am still a newbie and I am sometimes apprehensive to take them out. However, I am using the bags switching out every week.

    I am going to the beach on vacation soon and don't know if I want to take any of my LV bags to the beach. Do you take yours, and if so, which ones do you find best to take?

    Warm regards,

  2. If you have to ask then you probably shouldn't!
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  3. No way!
  4. Just my neverfull - it's a great beach tote. That's the only one that makes sense to me. I guess I've had my canvas clutches at beach bars/restaurants but that's not the same.

    Most of my bags are leather and leather by any brand really doesn't belong on the beach. But canvas is fine.
  5. I take my carryall in mono when I go to a hotel pool and I take my cosmetic pouch GM inside my Longchamp LePliage 1624 when I go to the beach.
  6. Once I was by the pool at a hotel in South Beach and could not believe how many people were using LV totes for beach bags. I was stunned they could treat an expensive bag so casually.

    But everyone's finances and needs are different, so I could certainly see someone deciding to buy just one good tote to then take everywhere, or wanting to have a bag they get tons of use out without having to baby it, etc. so I guess it depends on your individual bag philosophy.

    If I brought one, I'd probably just take it out to dinner but leave it in the hotel room the rest of the time.
  7. No, I have a similar open top tote that I would take instead.

    I'm more afraid of the vachetta getting all messed up.
  8. I take my nylon Longchamp le pliage to the beach/pool. Sometimes I use a large coach tote I have too, but that thing has been through a lot and shows no wear lol. I personally wouldn't take LV, but I also would stress over it and that's not what I want to do on vacation.
  9. Absolutely! I bought my Neverfull yellow Kusama waves just for the beach outings! I love it. It's casual and a perfect pop of color, so it works for me. Plus the textile lining is very easy to clean up if you get sand in there. I have no complaints. :supacool::supacool::supacool:
  10. I would not take an LV to the beach I really like a big colorful fun bag. When we went to Florida I took my LV handbag just for when we are going to dinner at night but at the beach I brought something colorful, extra large and with wheels. We like walking at the beach therefore we have to leave our stuff in our spot I'm ok with leaving our towels, snacks etc but not my LV bag.
  11. Yes, all the time. Usually my NF DE MM but since I got the NF Mono GM to use as a baby bag I'll probably take that too. I don't really see a problem with it as we buy these bags to use and enjoy and I like to have them with me no matter where I am :smile:
  12. Funny you asked, just returned from Miami and had my Nano Noe on the beach and the pool every time I went. Because they are leather I didn't worry so much about them.
    I decided I need a NF soon for my next trip so I can use as a beach tote.
    See my profile pic
  13. Never.
  14. Nope. I would be so afraid to get oil/lotion on it. Vachetta would be ruined and inside lining is hard to clean, esp oil based liquids.
    I want to relax and not worry about a thing on the beach. With so many cute beach bags out there, I don't need to carry my LV.
  15. i took my sac flanerie to the beach w/o issue. but it is vintage with even patina.