Do you take your dustbag with you

  1. in your handbag for emergencies? What do you do if you end up in a restaurant, office, etc that isn't the cleanest, and you need to put your handbag somewhere? Suggestions?
  2. No, because I want to keep the dustbag in good condition, too. When I first joined here, someone suggested putting a plastic bag in the bottom of my purse for those situations or if you get caught in heavy rain.

    I'd love to hear what other members do.
  3. No I don't, although that's not a bad idea. I do take it on vacations.
  4. I'm afraid that if I whipped out a dustbag at restaurants, people would realize just how anal I am about my handbags! :nuts:
  5. No... and I don't carry a plastic bag either. Bags are made to be used, I'd freak out if I had to baby them.
  6. no..just put it on my lap..or on another chair..
    but I do put my bag in the dust bag when I'm in a flight though...
  7. no, I've never even thought to do that. I'll just try to find a clean place to sit my bag.
  8. I wouldn't take a dustbag or a plastic bag if it's just out to dinner or something. I only take the dustbag if I'm travelling and it's going to be in my luggage.
  9. I only take the dustbags when I travel and store the bags in them in my suitcases.
  10. Interesting question... I use one of those purse hangers, or on a chair, or put my bag in my lap (which can look silly with my napkin on top!).
  11. I've actually carried the dust bag but never whipped it out, because of that. I should be carrying around a plastic bag tho, just in case it starts sprinkling, altho I never use my LV if I think it's going to rain......
  12. No, I don't. I do carry a purse hanger, though.
  13. never thought about it but no.
  14. No never take dustbag with me.
  15. Thanks for the input everyone. Maybe I need to get a purse hanger too.