Do You Take Your Coach To Icky Places???

  1. Hi, everyone! I just posted about this in my triplet Ali thread! I have to take my daughter to the pediatrician (germ infested office) this afternoon, and I dont want to take Whiskey Ali (the bag I have been using since I got her Xmas AM) w/ me!!!!! :roflmfao: Instead I am taking my swingpack! :yes: I just feel you never know if someone is going to :throwup: or WORSE on your bag in a pediatrician's office, w/ all the sick little kids running around as if they were healthy!!! Am I just being crazy, or do some of you feel the same way? I just threw my cellphone, keys, and wallet into my swingpack to go....when we get home, I will throw those things back into Whiskey Ali. I hope I can get over this PHOBIA one day.....but I dont know!!!!!! :p PLEASE let me know if any of you do the same!!! The pediatrician's office is basically my only phobia right now!!!!
  2. well my mom ruined an expensive bag getting her nails done so i started ot b more careful. i m causious of restaurants and stuff, but wouldnt have thought twice about the doctors office really.
  3. Maybe I am a NUT???!!! I took Whiskey Ali to a chinese restaurant yesterday, but I wont take her to a pediatrician's office!!! HMMMMMMMMMMM.........:confused1:
  4. Before Minnesota put the smoking ban into effect I would never take mine into a bar cause they always smelled like cigarette smoke. I pretty much take mine every where though.
  5. i tinhk we all just have different definitions of ickyness. i just avoid anywhere wehere my bags to could jostled and bumped a lot, stained and dirty, have ot sit on the floor, or get stolen.
  6. I'm weird, I won't take any of my bags in public bathrooms with me. I make my hubby or whoevers with me stand outside and hold on to it. lol
  7. I'm "careful" with my bags. But they usually go everywhere I go.

    There is really only one situation that I will not take a Coach....that's to a REALLY crowded concert. If I know that the place is going to be shoulder to shoulder, which many times it can get that way with some of the bands we go to see live, then I'll take something else. And that's usually to avoid beer being spilled on my bag/on me.

    But I have taken many Coaches to smaller concerts with no problem. I'm careful, I watch things around me, things that might spill, is my bag in danger of being stepped on, etc, etc, but I don't WORRY about my bag.
    Nothing bad has happened to one of my bags yet. :noggin:As I sit here hitting my wood table. :upsidedown::p
  8. :roflmfao: Well you already know how I am about it, but I take my bags to the dr's offices and pediatricians office, no problem!!!! I have never thought of the throw up thing, I wouldn't think the odds of that would be big to me, and I Have been there a million times and never had it happen (knock on wood!) ;) . As far as germs, I hate germs but they are everywhere you go and on everything. Sorry, I take my bags pretty much everywhere and enjoy them!!!! :tup: Had to add: if we ever go out of town to a casino I do not take them in there, only because I don't want the stench of smoke making them smell after. But we hardly ever do that. :yes:

  9. Me too!!!! I was afraid people would think I am wierd, but I do the same thing. If I have to run to the store alone, I grab: wallet, keys and phone. All can fit in my pocket and I don't have to worry if I need to run to the bathroom while I am alone.
  10. The grocery store is probably the germiest, dirtiest place for a bag. There is E. Coli on the cart/seat/handle, meat blood, etc. So I would think a pediatrician's office would be tame in comparison. I would be cautious of a bar though bc I have gotten home from one and everything including my bag reeks of smoke. I like the concert idea too - beer spillage is of high likliehood!
  11. I'm careful with my bags but only as far as where I put them. I bring them everywhere but never put them down on the floor. I usually have it in my lap when I'm sitting and then beside me in the car when I'm driving. I just change bags when it's raining, in that case I shift to a more "weather-proof" one.
  12. Great point! I never even thought of the grocery store germs!

    My bags usually go everywhere with me, but if I feel the place is dirty, they don't come off of my shoulder. For sporting events and concerts, I usually use my small black leather hobo since the leather seems to be stain proof! The exception is when we go to Disney....the Coach bags are just a little too heavy for all day, so I use a Vera Bradley hipster.
  13. I usually don't take big bags to the dr.s office because often times the rooms are small and the only place my bag can go is on the floor or in my lap which can be a pain when talking to the dr. I don't like taking my bigger bags to crowded places either where people may bump into me because of it. I don't set my bags in grocery carts though because IMO those are the MOST gross things on the planet! EWW! And public floors.... :sick:
  14. If you are worried about it I would take something else
  15. I will never take my bags to homes with pets. I am very allergic and have to medicate before I go, and I don't want any pet dander or hair on my bags!

    At the pedi's office, generally the kids stay near their parents and aren't close enough to me that they could vomit on my things!

    I try to take care (purse hook) in restaurants, I never set my bag in a cart and I always hold it myself while in the bathroom (you never know what's on the purse shelves or on the door :throwup:). Besides pets, I don't have many other phobias about my bags. I rarely attend anywhere smoke-filled or where beer could be spilled anymore!