Do you take your cat to be groomed?

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  1. I have a high-maintenance Persian and I really do spend more on her than I do on my own hair. There are pedicures ($12 each at the vet, sometimes $16). Her Highness won't let me touch her nails. There is a yearly shaving and clipping to get out the winter tangles from her fur ($40 to $50). And then there are little touch-ups here and there. I don't even want to count the bills.

    I give her butt baths and clips as needed--er, excuse me, that's "pants cleaning and tailoring." But still the bills add up.

    Do any of you take your cat to be groomed? Where do you take her? I take mine to the vet's office for lack of anyplace else to go.
  2. No, but I don't have a persian. I can't even imagine....what a princess!
  3. My grey domestic shorthair likes to be groomed. Especially if I run the Furminator over his head - he loves the feeling! The funny thing is, IF I sing to him, he'll let me brush his hair longer. He's always been into that for some reason!
  4. I take my Persian to a groomer every 1-2 months. They also clip her claws as part of the service. She gets a bath, blow dry, comb out and butt fur trim. It's usually about $50 for the whole thing. I think you'd get a better deal if you went to a groomer as opposed to your vet.

    Here's my fuzzball. Her name is Kitten.

  5. I don't take mine for grooming, but I do get their claws trimmed (I'm afraid to do it myself). They always come back out smelling like powder!!
  6. :lol:...can't get any cuter...
  7. My girls are 16 weeks. I have not had them groomed but am considering it because they seem to shed a lot. They are exotic shorthairs (ESH) So they are in effect persians bread to have short hair. They also get tear stains. Claws have not been an issue yet as they only use them on their scratching boards! :P

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  8. Oh my goddess...her eyes!!
  9. Oh my! What a cutiepie! :biggrin: My Persian looks similar, with black and gray hair, but lacks Kitten's cat calendar-babe look of bourgeios despair. She looks either wide-eyed and shell-shocked or quite angry. (See photo below.)

    That's such a good idea taking her in regularly to a groomer, and I'm going to start doing that. I've been taking her into the vet only when things start to reach crisis proportions with the fur matting; she grows this soft cottony undercoat which seems to matt up overnight at certain times of the year and my comb cannot keep up. Although we try, we really try.

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  10. Oh BigPurseSue your Persian is divine! Kitten also has two other looks: "OMG the sky is falling" or "I am going to kill you now."

    Good luck with grooming!
  11. I trained both of my babies to deal with nail clipping at an early age, so that has never been a problem. My girl (rest her beautiful soul) was the easiest to groom, but I started her much earlier than my boy. He is not as happy (has short hair, growls while getting groomed) and BH's cat just squirms to try to get away and cry like he's being maimed.

    I trim the "curtains" when necessary, clean blocked glands when they become a problem, and clean up any "war wounds" that occur from aggressive fighting between the males.
  12. I just have to say...the photos of both persians are priceless and are cracking me up. They look so calculating...
  13. Mine would *like* to be calculating, but alas, she lacks the brains to pull it off. That's where her intense expression comes from. "I want to be calculating, I want to be a diva, I want to turn the world on it's side for my personal whims, but somehow....I can't seem to do it. Maybe it's because my mind feels so...well, hollow! As if there should be something inside it but there's not." Poor little girl!
  14. Thank you for the kind words! And the note of grooming encouragement.

    When my BILs visit they always snicker at her "That's the ugliest cat I've ever seen!" and I want to cuff them on the side of the head. But they're my BILs and, alas, I can't.

    No one appreciates true feline glamour the way other cat lovers do. Thank you! :biggrin:
  15. Nah-------wth ELSE do my lazy bum cats have to do besides groom themselves?