Do you take your bag to the salon when you get your hair styled?

  1. An odd question, but this happened to me yesterday. Cut, color, gloss, blow out, (usual monthly event, lol) and I had my bag (not a Hermes, but still, one that was over $3000) with me. Couldn't put it on the floor (hair and color might hit it), wasn't going to leave it in the back room, so I plunked it on my lap under my cape and everytime I moved, it moved with me, under that cape.

    Am I being an idiot? Should I buy some cheapie thing for times like this? Or do you all do the same thing? I remember reading a post on another board that said if anyone ever dresses in nice clothes or carries an expensive bag to a salon and something happens to it, it's their own "stupid fault for not wearing sweats/old clothes and carrying a cheap bag- if one at all". Ok, then. That's not me, but...... What do you all do? I don't wear my scarves, that I DO know, lol. Thanks ladies.
  2. i carry them but my salon has little uppolstered stools for the bags that are standing under the front mirror so nothing happens to the bag and if something would notheless my salon is insured so that at least the financial loss would be covered
  3. Be careful at the nail salon. I got some cuticle remover on my chevre karo, took off the color.
    I now take a beater and keep it far from the action.
  4. yes I do....My H sits on a bench...
  5. I do, all the time. It sits in front of me on the mirror table. But then again I am not getting any colour job, so maybe that's safe.
  6. I am an overly cautious person so I take precautions at salons, spas, etc. I am so afraid that color will accidentally get "slung" or spray droplets drift on my handbag that I put her in another bag when going to any place that could cause issues. I had been using a large tote but just got a Longchamp Pliage which I will be using just for those types of occasions.

    Many years ago I had a Kate Spade wool purse in a light tan that I took to the hair salon. I had color on my hair and went over to get something out of the purse and then later noticed that a dot of hair dye was on the purse's fabric. After that incident I am very cautious in salons, etc.
  7. Hmmm. That would be a NO.

    I lost a FABULOUS Bally briefcase to a chemical treatment, from the guy working next to my stylist. I'm not even sure when, just know when I got home it had bubbled (similiar to ruined box leather) and I couldn't say anything because I had already left the salon.

    Although my new stylist has pursehooks and a "protected" area under her mirror for just such a reason. I think I'll take her up on it... starting with a non-H but still nice bag, just to see!
  8. I had never thought of this...I just took whichever bag I was using at the moment...but after reading this. I think I'll change into my football game purse. (A nylon Prada messanger) That way it can go anywhere.
  9. No, no, no!!!
  10. I use my H bags all the times when I go to hair salon. Most ladies who visit this hair salon also take their H bags. I normally have it sit in front of me on the table with mirror. I never dye my hair, so shd be ok. My H bags should be waterproof up to a few dips of water.
  11. I never take my Hermes bags to the hair salon or the manicurist. I use an old Prada messenger instead!!!! Nothing kills that bag.........
  12. Water is not what worries me... it is overspray of hair products such as hairspray, etc. Or accidental droplets of hair dye from another patron.

    Also, I wasn't clear in my post..... I put my Kelly in my Pliage whenever I am going any place that might be "dangerous" for her!! :smile:
  13. I have my special salon Burberry tote. It's a large orange leather tote w/brass hardware and 4 feet. I love it very much and never worry about something happening to it. And when you don't worry nothing ever happens to it ;)
  14. Yes, I should consider putting my H bag in another bag when I am doing my hair. Just that I haven't had any accident doesn't mean that there will be nil in the future. I am sure I will cry instantly if my bag gets a small defect just because of my negligence.
  15. I use a Longchamp Pliage as my salon bag. After an occassion where my newborn baby was sleeping in her stroller in the waiting room with my husband about 5 feet away from the nearest stylist and somehow a drop of dark color landed on her cheek - I about fainted and now don't take anything remotely nice nor do I wear my best clothes. Being dressed nice and having a great bag there isn't as great to me while having to obsess everytime a stylist gestures her arms wide while holding that dreaded plastic squeeze bottle.

    Oh - and I gave up wearing my diamond studs during hair colour apts as well.