Do you take vacation?

  1. Very random, but I was thinking about this today. In the past year and a half, I have taken 3.5 days off work, but usually made up the time after (I am salaried too). We also have complete flex time where I work- if you want a month, take it, but you'll have to have enough time billed come the end of the fiscal year. My parents have always gone on at least one vacation a year and still do.

    That made me wonder-is taking vacation becoming less and less common today or do you take vacation(s) and how much time? Just curious...
  2. Yes - take all my vacation + some if I can eek it out. :smile: But then again we work some stupid hours (70+ weeks) so if I don't get breaks in there I'd just go nuts.
  3. My DH and I are probably in the minority here, but neither of us likes to travel. We have five pets and a beautiful home so for us a nice vacation is staying where we are and doing fun things everyday like shopping and going out to dinner.
  4. I can take off whenever I want but I don't make any money if I take off. So I am trying to time when I won't have much work, if any at all, and take off then. I'm taking off between Xmas and New Years and also a week for Mardi Gras. Might take off in summer too. I realized only recently that this whole year I have not taken any sort of vacation. I sort of get depressed when I go for a while and don't get away for a few days, even if it's no place really exciting.
  5. I am a teacher so I am off a couple of weeks at Christmas, I week for March Break and for 8 weeks in the summer. It is one of the perks of the job and I really enjoy my time off. I think it is important to take at least a couple of weeks a year to unwind, even if you are not going to travel.
  6. I'm such a vacation wh0re :shame:

    I take it whenever and however I can get it!....
  7. My husband and I usually go to the beach for a few nights durring the summer (we live in FL so a few hour drive does the trick) and then on our anniversary in september we travel, This past year we did an 8 day cruise and we loved every minute of it =)
  8. DF travled around the world and back! So since weve been together we try to go on two vacations a year. Totals about 3 weeks. Last year we went to Cancun for our anniversary, this past year my bday in Hawaii, and again tjis year for my bday in Hawaii. (next month YAY!!) if I dont get a break, Ill go crazy!!
  9. I only go on Vacations when I can afford it! Usually my bf and I go to disneyland in the Spring (since it's my fav. place to go) and we go to Vegas in Oct. (There's this huge car meet and we drive there)

    But this year, we just went to Vegas. He was sweet enough to pay for everything since I went back to school and I'm working a lot less now.

    I wish I had money to go on vacation every 4 months or so. Everyone needs a break once in a while!
  10. I am a SAHM and have not taken a vacation in 10 years. Argh! I feel I've been missing out on a lot of worldly experiences... I especially feel it when I hear about traveling from my sisters, because they are all jet setters, they travel around the world with their SOs several times a year. I should become an armchair traveler, the next best thing. :rolleyes:
  11. With my job being school related, I get all the school holidays which is a pretty good perk. Christmas, Easter etc and 6 weeks in the Summer. I try to get abroad for one holiday each year if I can to get some sunshine! I think I'd go mad in my job without those breaks.
  12. I take a vacation twice a year. I take 2 weeks off in July and either 1 week in April or 1 week in December.
  13. We love to travel! My bf and I take at least one "big" trip a year, that requires at least a week off at a time, and then a bunch of smaller ones where we make longer weekends by taking Fridays and Mondays off or a little more or less. I take a week off to take a trip with my family as well. I get so much more vacation than he does that I try to travel with friends too, or else I'd never use all my days up! We don't get paid for the days we don't take, and we can't save them up... so I might as well take the vacation days they give me!
  14. yes - at least twice a year :smile:
  15. DH and I take at least one week vaca per year usually a cruise, and several little ones. We live in FL and have annual Universal tix so sometimes we'll go spend a weekend in Orlando. I'm in school full-time and work every weekend, and DH works crazy hours. We need de-stresser breaks!