"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "No."

  1. Austrian bride's "no" in jest postpones wedding by 10 weeks

    Fri Jan 5, 1:44 PM

    VIENNA (AFP) - An Austrian couple have had their marriage postponed for 10 weeks because the bride said "no" as a joke when the registrar asked during the civil ceremony whether she would take this man to be her husband, a newspaper reported.
    Despite the entreaties of the bride, who said immediately she had just meant it in jest, the officiating registrar at once broke off the heavily attended ceremony in the town of Steyr, said the newspaper Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten.

    Austrian regulations stipulate that there must be a postponement of at least 10 weeks should one of the parties respond in the negative when asked during the ceremony whether he or she consents to the union.

    The newspaper explained that this was to ensure that a non-consenting party did not withdraw the reply "no" and consent to the union under pressure from his or her family, the newspaper explained.
  2. wow.. talk about joke going horribly wrong
  3. I know! But why would you joke about something like that?
  4. haha, jeez...
  5. I dunno, I think it's preety funny in the moment. But seeing the consiquences, that's horrible :confused1:

  6. Yup! But c'mon you can not joke in a wedding.
  7. Suppose it's just a time and place for everything and this just wasn't one of them...(made me chuckle though:lol:)
  8. Yikes!
  9. poor bride...
  10. What if she hasn't finished her sentence??!!
  11. Boy I bet she felt stupid afterwards...
  12. unbelievable! wow!
  13. lol...i like that pressure from family to change ones mind
  14. Whoopsie... that sucks!
  15. i used to work with a wedding photographer. we were doing a wedding and, no kidding, the groom actually said 'f- this' during the ceremony and walked out! we were all, like :wtf: