Do you take the tassels off the Make Up clutch?

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  1. I just bought myself a gorgeous make up clutch in palm tree from real deal collection and was wondering what you all did with regard to the tassels? Do you leave both sets on or maybe take the front pocket set off? I am concerned that by taking it in and out of the bag, I will eventually get them wrapped around other items in my bag (RH City) and end up snapping them off. I tried doing several searches with different parameters, but found nothing relevant to this question. I would really appreciate any feedback you can send my way :biggrin:
  2. I just got a makeup, too, and I was wondering this same thing!
  3. I don't have a MU but everytime I've had my hands on one and contemplated getting one, I've thought of the same thing. And I usually think cutting tassels is a BIG nono! But on the MU they seem like they could get in the way :shrugs:
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    The long tassels on the MU can drive me crazy, especially when the pouch is inside my bag with my other things. I usually take either one or both the tassels off and replace them with hardier zipper pulls - charms or leather strips of the same colour. The exception is my 04 Black PH MU, which has gorgeous tassels that I can't bear to take off - but I use that MU as a clutch rather than a purse organiser so the tassels aren't as much of a bother.

    The tassels on a First can annoy me too. They feel really long and are tough to pack nicely when you store the bag, which often causes a little curl at the end, which drives me nuts.
  5. I always wonder about this. I have two MUs and I use them as clutches, organizers, and sometimes as a wallet inside my city. Alot of the time I actually tuck them in to the zippered areas carefully. I tried removing them and adding pulls but I missed them!
  6. I was thinking about this and thought maybe I'd buy a charm and put on the top zipper and leave the other tassel less. On mine they are split so it's like a big tangle if I put them in bags like that
  7. I love the tassels and I think they add to the sexy glamourous style of the MU.

    It's not the same bag without them! I used mine daily and the tassels were never a problem. I use mine as a keepall inside my bigger bag (altoids, business cards, hand lotion, etc.), then I can just grab it and throw in a lipgloss and some $ and it becomes a chic clutch for lunch etc. Works great for those times when it's easier than taking my purse (cramped eatery, raining out, etc).

    Tassels are sexy and have not been a problem for me at all.
  8. I have a couple of MU's, the two I use as clutches I leave the tassels on. The one that is actually used as a MU in my purse the tassels are off, I figured they would get ruined in there as I am always moving/grabbing stuff out of there.
  9. A big "thank you" to everyone who has answered my post :smile: I agree with all of you in that I love the look of the tassel and don't want to part with it, but I am also afraid of the tangling that can happen when in the bag. I might do as was suggested of removing the front zipper tassels and leaving the other to have some balance. I think the front tassel is the one that really might annoy me more because since it is lower on the clutch, it seems longer. I do have some Juicy charms, so I might use that as a pull. Again, thanks for all of your insight ()"o)
  10. I put a little charm on mine. I did the no no too and cut the tassels a little. I knew I was going to keep the bag so I didn't mind and it works great like that. I think all the tassels on all the bags are too long.
  11. I keep them on ... I love the tassles. They aren't too much of a bother inside your bag.
  12. I mainly use it as a clutch, not really inside any of my other bags, so the tassles don't bother me. The tassles are what I love about Bal, so I always keep them on.
  13. I'm way with you, bohochic...I just can't fathom why I'd remove the tassels...Wouldn't that be rather like putting plastic covers on your living room furniture?
  14. I carry my MU frequently, inside of the City, Day, PT, Hobo, Mini-Bowling and Work. I have never had issues with tassles, but I do keep everything compartmentalized in CPs. There's nothing "loose" in my bag.

    Despite pulling in and out of my bags several times daily, the tassles are in perfect condition. I say, keep the tassles!! ;)
  15. I have a gorgy brown MU and I have left the tassels on - I've used it in my day bag and even though I'm always fumbling around in there to find it and throwing all kinds of things in my bag with it, I've never had a problem with the tassels. Sometimes I tuck the front pocket tassels into the front pocket a little if I am worried, but most of the time I let them dangle.

    there has been a few times the tassels have got stuck around something or under something - I usually am in a hurry and give the MU a bit of a tug to release them - a big no-no I think! - but they haven't stretched or split on me yet. :smile: