Do you Take the lock off Paddingtons when flying?

  1. I was wondering if anyone takes off their Paddington lock when they travel for weight reasons and do the locks set off the metal detectors?
    i usually pack my bag more when traveling, but have never taken any of my babies on a plane:confused1:
  2. I leave it on when flying, usually no problem, just once when the bag was just out, someone from the not very fashion-aware security staff of my hometown left with the bag for some unknown purpose, but quickly came back and gave it to me. The check for the return flight from Heathrow went smoothly, they obviously had seen the bag before.
  3. Funny thing is, I travelled with my chain Betty...and the guards couldn't figure out what was setting off the they ended up searching my whole purse!
  4. I was thinking the same thing ... going on a trip soon :smile: ... I haven't bring my paddy on any trip but I decide just to leave it at home ...
  5. I've always left mine on without a problem...
  6. Thanks so much:smile:
  7. i'm not sure how the lock or any hardware would set off the metal detector since you have to put everything through the x-ray. anyway, i never take off the lock, even if the weight kills me or gives someone a black eye. the lock is what makes the paddington a paddington.
  8. I travel via air weekly. I have carried one of my Paddingtons often with no problem. I just put it through the x-ray with all of my other carry-on items. I've gone through airport security probably 7 or 8 times with it recently and the security folks haven't batted an eye. I kind of wondered if they'd question the padlock but nobody has yet, even at airports where I've had them question things like tweezers before.

    I've also taken it through security checkpoints in government buildings lately and they haven't said anything. I guess they don't think a Paddy is a deadly weapon, though my chiropractor sure does. ;)
  9. :lol:LOL! My Mom is a chiropractor, but I haven't let her hold my bag yet!
  10. The padlock wouldn't set off an alarm, they go through x-ray.
  11. My daughter carries her silver paddy almost constantly it seems and she flys to NY and Los angeles almost every week with no problems.
  12. i do for my large front pocket one.. gets too heavy.. but i leave it on for my mini paddy.