Do you take special care of your LVs?


How well do you take care of your LVs?

  1. VERY well. Always in their dust bags, never go on the floor!

  2. OK. Some of them in dustbags sometimes, try not to put them on the floor in public places.

  3. Used and abused! I don't even know where dust bags are... :-P

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  1. Do yours sleep in their dust bags, or sleep on the floor?
    Do you set them on the floor when you go out?
    Toss them around?

    Personally, I just use dustbags for my vernis things. The rest are all shoved onto a shelf in my closet. I'm very rough on them... they're always on the floor in restaurants. Of course, I don't have anything in Monogram Multicolor White yet, so maybe I'll be a little more careful with something lighter. The Monogram Canvas seem to really be able to take a beating and not show it too much... :heart: LV Quality.
  2. I use the dust bags, and I never really put mine on the floor.
    See, I'm scared to make them dirty. I don't know how to clean them, and I'd like to keep them nice. Just incase I want to sell them later on.
  3. Do you know how many germs are on the floor of restaurants? Okay, the nurse in me came out...I don't put them on the floor....I will set the bag on top of my feet if I have to. They sleep in their dust bags and the current bag I'm using sits on it's own leopard fabric padded pedestal...just so I can look at it while watching tv.
  4. super!! i'm OC with my bags. they're stored in dustbags, placed neatly on shelves, and they've never ever ever touched the floor.....
  5. Never, Never and Never..
  6. What's a dust bag, lol? I'm not a collector at all, just someone who likes functional, well-made bags. I'm pretty rough on them; that's why I like LV monogram canvas - it really holds up well!
  7. I don't like to baby my bags but I do take good care of them I do place them on spare chairs or my feet if needed, I try to cover it if it rains
  8. Mine stay in their dust bags except for my Speedy 25 who is always on my nightstand next to my bed cause I like to look at her. :shame:
  9. I put them in dust bags after using them but I've been guilty of putting them on floors in the past!
  10. LAINIE, I :heart: the names of your puppies!!! (From your avvy)
  11. Geez, I just checked poll results and I'm the only one in the used and abused category so far. Feeling kinda bad now. Hehe
  12. i put my LVs in dust bag when i don't use them
    but i put my LVs...on floor....even LE
  13. I am trying to be more relax with them but I still do worry about getting it dirty.......I wont go out of my way or anything but I do have "rainy day" bags that I carry instead of my LVs.....:p
  14. I'm anal :shame:

    I like my bags pristine :O
  15. Dustbags, no floors, but I take my BH when it rains/snow - I don't panic about patina or stuffing my bags - I paid good money for them so I want to serve me well.