Do you take care of what you have?

  1. While I'm not awful about it, I'm not great either.

    I don't wash my car except once in a blue moon... I am very bad about getting the oil changed. I do take care of my clothes and bags, although occasionally they end up on the floor. My apartment is messy, partly my contribution, partly my three roommates, partly the hordes that come over to party.

    I do take care of my cat, though!

    How about you?
  2. I take care of myself and my dog. I don't wash my car unless someone offers and I'm not good with cleaning it out either. My BF always gets on me about that one.
  3. yeah, pretty much.

    I think you'll grow into taking care of your thigs better over time. It took me quite a bit of time. {I hope that doesn't sound condescending! I swear I don't mean it to be!}
    I started taking more interest in taking care of my things when I finally got my own apartment, it was like a turning point for me.
  4. I'm a neat freak. Anal retentive. I have learned to loosen up though cuz' I married a cluttery pack rat. I just go to my "happy place" alot...
  5. lol your cat takes care of it self mostly! lol...cats bathe themselves, **** ina box, and entertain themselves. atleast my cat does that..:P

    but , i kinda do, kinda dont. i dont care for my clothes much, just wear n whatever, i dont buy ttoally expensive clothing anyways, but my bags i try my best!!!!
  6. No, doesn't sound condescending! I think I'll grow into it over time, too, hopefully with my next apartment!
  7. I agree with Swanky. After buying my first home my attitute toward some of my things changed. One thing I have taken better care of is my car. From 16 to age 22 I'd go so long without washing my car or changing the oil. The junk in my trunk would just pile up too. I am now so picky about my car. I wash it often, and am super picky about keeping on maintaining it. My husband, who's 29, is still super bad about his car (and he has a nice car!) and I am always on him to clean it out or take it in for service.
  8. I take great care of myself, my child, & my bags. My part of the house is usually messy thanks in part of a 3 yr old & his toys. I don't wash my car too often maybe twice a year. I do try to vaccuum my house once or twice weekly. My clothes I take care of, wash, fold (worst part) & after folding do I really want to organize it & put them away..NO I leave them in a nicely folded stack on my bar for about a week. Haha I have 3 dressers & 2 closets...too much work! **It's not my own house..but my parents, I rent the basement, just enough room for me & my son. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/bar, & living room.
  9. Can I cut and paste your response. LOL. I take care of my car even if I do not wash it myself I love to see it clean....:yahoo:
  10. I take care of everything I have..I don't like things to show wear so while I don't BABY my things, I don't bash them around either.
  11. whew! I would never talk down to you!:winkiss:

    I think it comes / that whole point in your life really. . . at least it did for me. It's like I felt more like an adult so I immediately started acting more like one. KWIM?
  12. I take care of myself and all of my belongings, including my car, my clothes, bags, shoes, apartment, furniture, etc. I also look out for my fiance's stuff that he sometimes forgets to put away/clean up. I hate messes. I believe taking pride in the ownership of your things is a sign of maturity. I work hard for my stuff... too hard to let it deteriorate. Sorry if that sounded
  13. I am a complete neat freak. While I use my things, I take good care of them.
  14. I am a little bit like Monica indoors, I have a cleaning lady, but keep up well in between the visits.

    However, my car is the complete opposite, its my place for living like a hobo, starbucks coffee cups, bags of half eaten muffins and the kids juice left in the back. Sometimes its good to have somewhere to be a little bit sloppy :biggrin:
  15. I always take car of my stuff, although i don't have an apartment or car etc. (I'm 16), so it's only small things really.
    e.g. when i got given an ipod by my parents ages ago, I was so careful with it - I didn't want to get it scratched so it didn't take it to school etc. My friends take theirs now and I'm sooo shocked coz they just throw it around like it costs nothing. I'm really carefyl, coz I know the cost of things.