Do You Support The Death Penalty ?

  1. I personally don't (anymore ) I spent a few years researching women in prisons, in Upstate New York and California, I spent time on death row with an inmate I was portraying in a play. This changed my whole view on Capital Punishment.

    Do You Support The Death Penalty ?

    Does the State/Country you Live in Support The Death Penalty ?
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    Here goes...

    I personally do not support the death penalty because no matter what kind of incomprehensably grotesque crime someone comitted, it is hypocritical to take that person's life because they took someone else's life.
  3. I could not agree more. I definitely do not support "an eye for an eye" philosophy. If someone commits horrible crimes against society I feel that separating them from society (jail) is the appropriate punishment. After all, they have to live with their crimes.
  4. i don't support the death penalty not so much because i don't agree with an eye for an eye (i don't think i can make a judgment on that issue until i've experienced having a loved one taken from me like that), but rather because of the risk of error......i know the constitution takes great precautions in affording due process to potential victims of the death penalty, but juries/justices aren't infallible and they do make errors, and so i can't support a penalty that extinguishes the life of a person that could be innocent.....
  5. Absolutely not. Either taking the life of another human being is wrong or it isn't. I think it's the ultimate hypocrisy to say that you are "justified" for killing someone by whatever your personal standards of right & wrong are. This makes you no better than any other killer with a justification..... Then again, I am Australian so partly a product of my environment, where the death penalty was outlawed in 1967.
  6. Well, here in the UK we outlawed the death penalty a long time ago, so I have no first-hand experience. I did some research on it for an ethics class I took a few years ago and for the most part I am opposed to it. It smacks of hypocrasy, which I can't stand. However, I can understand why people who've been touched by some of the monsters they put on death row would support it. So I can see both sides of the argument, but I just don't agree with it personally.
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  8. I do not support the death penalty for several reasons. Most importantly, I know that there are innocent people in prison. If you put someone in jail and then 15 years later find out they are inncoent you can let them out. They can't have the past 15 years but they can have the rest of their life. You can't bring someone back from the dead. The chance that an innocent person will be executed is too high a price to pay.

    I live in Georgia and, yes, the death penalty is an option here.
  9. I do not support the death penalty for mostly pragmatic reasons. The death penalty does not deter crime. The death penalty is costly to taxpayers because of the lengthy appeal process. I live in New York State which -- no death penalty.
  10. Do You Support The Death Penalty ? Yes,but only in cases where there is absolutely no doubt of ones guilt.

    Does the State/Country you Live in Support The Death Penalty ? Yes
  11. I do not support killing at all.. No one has the right to ever kill someone. However, i can actually admit that i sometimes want child molesters to be on death row because it scars a child for life. The child never deserves to go threw life with this on their shoulder. So i guess i should say i only REALLY support it regarding molesters.
  12. No, I don't support the death penalty. They don't have the death penalty here in Holland.

    I do support euthanasia (which I suppose is a whole other thread.....and can of worms).
  13. I don't know which state kills them faster...Texas or my own, Florida. I have mixed feeling about the DP. I guess in certain circumstances I would have to say yes, it's OK
  14. Do I support the death penalty YES, not because of an eye for an eye thing, I just think that evil should be destroyed! Look for instance Zacarias Moussaoui, I had my best freind and many other freinds that were killed because of this mans and his team of evil minds actions, do I think he deserves the death penalty NO I think that would be to easy for him, I wish he could be released to the families and freinds of the victims! We would torture him slowly to his death!

    I am not a vicious person I am one of the sweetest people you girls could ever meet! But when I think of my best freind and the fact that the morning of Sept 11 she had just found out she was pregnant and then went to work with the joy of news she had discovered to then be terrified the way she was and dieing the way she died, I could imagine how terrified she must have been, to this day I could still hear her screaming in panic from the phone call her mother has saved as "the last phone call" just before the building went down. every time I think about it it brings me to tears. She was a good person and christian, we grew up together and she was the sweetest girl of our group, she never liked to fight she was the peacemaker in our "click" she didn't deserve to go out like this, she should have died old in her sleep in bed. That's the kind of person she was. When we were kids we found a strayed bird with a broken wing in the middle of the street. I told her leave it there why cause it more pain, let it die, my cousin wanted to pick it up and throw it in the garbage! But what did she do, she basically stopped traffic and piked-up the birdie, I didn't think it was going to survive, but I dunno what she did but she brought that baby back, and then she let it go. Another time when we were in elementary school I remember that there was a little girl who's family was unfortunate and the little girl would come to school with either ripped up clothing, old old runned down shirts, dirty clothing, sometimes wearing an outfit 3 times a week, what did Kristy do she got all her old clothes that her mom was saving for the St. Mary's clothing drive and MADE me "cause I didn't want to go" and our other freind lug 2 huge garbage bags full of clothing to this girls house. I think the mother was very offended by her but the girl loved it! she came to school from there after with nice clothes and she was very happy, although some of the other kids were not as nice making fun that she had "hand-me-downs. But enough of this, I could go on and on about the things she did and has done but the fact of the matter is that that this should had never happened to a person like her.

    What these men did was wrong, evil, and in now way did they take into concideration the lives that were at stake here, they took it to a different level. They planned these killings for a long time. These people are evil, they deserve to burn in hell!
  15. NO! Fellow members said it all already, no one has any right to take anyone's life not to mention that life could be an innocent one!