Do you suffer from Hemmorhoids during Pregnancy?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    This is a question via anonymous PM... although I admit to being curious, too. I'm not currently pregnant, but BF intends to knock me up at some point after we finally tie the knot... so yeah...what she said!

    "I'm 28 weeks along and am suffering from hemorrhoids.

    My OB tells me that this is very common and there's not much I can do about it. He said that the traditional OTC creams may reduce the pain and bleeding but not get rid of the hemorrhoids all together. He also said that for many women, although the hemorrhoids will shrink a few weeks after you give birth, it never really goes away.

    I'm curious to hear from the preggie/ mommy tPFers whether:

    1) hemorrhoids are, in fact, "common" among pregnant women?

    2) there really is no cure? (absent surgery)

    3) it ever goes away completely after you give birth?"

  2. I have had the roids since I was in high school. I have always had bathroom problems.

    They stay w/ you for life. They may go down for a period of time, but they always rear their ugly heads when the pressure is on.

    I have had them back this entire pregnancy...I use baby wipes throughout this pregnancy. As using regular toilet paper does not seem to get the job done.

    They will go down...but will come back again under any pressure.

    They are manageable..just a part of life I guess.
    Not enough of a bother to have surgery in my case.

    Hope this helps~
  3. I have roids since highschool too. When I was pregnant it really doesn't bother me. I was thinking of surgery but the doctor advised me not to do it.
  4. I've read in various sources that they're pretty normal during pregnancy, partly from the constipation issues that a lot of pregnant women have. Some people seem to also get them from the pushing during labor, even if they didn't have them during the pregnancy. I know my mom had them when she was pregnant, and my best friend did as well. Haven't really asked other people though my friend is pregnant along with me right now, so I'm sure she and I will discuss later on.:p I'm only 13 weeks right now but have had them in the past, so I'm pretty sure I'll get them again.

    As far as treating them, there are some topical things to do to make them more comfortable, but they won't necessarily go away. Stuff like Tucks pads (which I think are witch hazel) or preparation H, but I haven't checked if those are OK for use in pregnancy. I was also once told by a completely whacked out PA in my old Gyn's office that I should put grated potato on them. :wtf: Not sure how one goes about that, but it should be safe during pregnancy...
  5. They're usually caused by hard stools as a result of constipation. What you can do is to fight back with fibre. Make sure you take lots of fruits and veggies, and drink lots of water. Good luck!
  6. 1) hemorrhoids are, in fact, "common" among pregnant women?

    yes, very common, but most women I know do not have them forever after pregnancy.

    2) there really is no cure? (absent surgery)

    sorry, but pretty much. Delivery is about the only real help.
    But using Prep-H and Witch Hazel pads sure helps in the meantime:yes:

    3) it ever goes away completely after you give birth?"

    for some people.
    It may depend on how yours manifest. . . in or out?
  7. Hi, I have almost 5 months old baby. I always have constipation problem. Being pregnant got even worse. I took fiber, veggies, and prune juice. My baby now had pretty bad constipation problem. He can't go for 4 to 5 days, and it takes him about 1 hr to go. I feel pretty bad for him. I give him lot of apple and prune juice.
  8. I didn't really have hemmoroids that often during my pregnancy.. maybe occasionally.
  9. Started feeling strange last night down in that area and could not figure out why. No mirror angle would help me so I had to do the impossible and ask my DH if something was wrong...sure enough..."yay me"

    About to go to the drug store for Prep H cooling gel as that seems to have the best reviews on

    Anyone else getting them? I sit all day at work, have not had an constipation problems so I did not think I;d get them. I know 2 best friends of mine had them. It's not something you really want to discuss though...
  10. Two babies, no hemorrhoids here (before, during, or after) :smile: