Do you suffer from embarrassing facial hair? If so, what do you do?


Feb 20, 2012
I used to bleach in high school, then I started to use the wax strips at home and pluck in between. Yeah, those didn't work too well, but it was cost effective. I'd occasionally get a wax if I had some extra money.

I also have this really embarrassing problem. Even if I waxed, there's still like, a shadow above my lip or the skin is just darker or maybe the hair follicle? I don't know, but it gives the mustache look even though there's no hair it makes me really self conscious and I can't help think that it's the reason I haven't had any experience with guys. What can I do?

Anyways, I'd love to hear what you guys do to deal with this problem.
May 6, 2008
Can't say I have this problem, but if you don't have a hair issue after waxing then putting concealer on will give you that coverage you need for smooth colour skin.

I know that doesn't remove the problem, but makeup could conceal it and give you that confidence boost.


Jun 18, 2008
I don't get too hairy but I do notice that when I'm pale my facial hair stands out more. I usually pluck after a hot shower and all is well. If you have a dark area where the hair was it might be worth it to look at brightening creams to lighten the area. But as mentioned above, concealer would do the trick as well.


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Jul 11, 2012
i totally suffer from this. being italian and hispanic...i have some embarrassing hair issues.

i wax at home. but now that i am away from home, i use a hair remover. and it works pretty good. i have to use it more than waxing, maybe once a week. and i pluck in between. it really stinks.


Dec 27, 2005
My dear friend is Spanish and has hair problems. She bought a professional wax kit with the plug in pot and different waxes, ect. It made a difference in keeping her face pretty flawless without hair problems. She also waxes a lot so her skin really looks great. She did have a discoloration problem with dark skin above her lips about two months ago after she waxed and sat out in the sun the next day. She does not use sun tan lotion at all. Makeup corrected the problem and it eventually went away.


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Apr 10, 2011
I had that weird shadow around my mouth. I stopped waxing and started using Nair/Veet per my esthitician's instruction and got microdermabrasion a few times and some aha peels professionally along with exfoliating at home and using a fade cream. The skin eventually got lighter, but I make sure to use sunscreen daily so that it doesn't darken again.


Dec 8, 2010
I know someone this has happened to and it had to do with hormones from her BC pill. She had some laser stuff and it went away but now has to wear zinc oxide sunscreen anytime she leaves to keep the pigmentation from returning. I recommend seeing a dermatologist and getting evaluated.


Apr 13, 2010
I know it's not widely done, but I use a super-sensitive skin version of a depilatory cream and have been doing it for years (15) and I've had no problems. You just have to rinse it off really carefully and lather on some moisturiser afterwards and only do it at night so your skin has time to settle with the redness before the next morning.


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Jan 4, 2009
Boy, do I suffer from this. I'm furry. I've tried depilatory creams, waxing, and epilating with a spring--all of which caused major breakouts. I recently bought a Braun Epilator and based on some recommendations I shaved (horrible, I know) and I will try the epilator on my face as the hairs gradually grow back. I've read shaving prior to epilating is best, because not only will the epilator pull fewer hairs at a time (due to varied growth rate) but pulling on the shorter hairs as they grow in causes less trauma. I might regret this.....


Mar 27, 2006
Oh God do I ever...! It's really gotten worse in the last couple of years due to hormonal changes. I used to get by with waxing and plucking in between but the wax always left me with pimples! Then I tried threading which was great. But once my chin hair started growing seemingly overnight I resorted to shaving. And ended up with a 5 o'clock shadow! My saving grace came in the form of laser treatments! While not cheap it finally eradicated those stubbles. It wasn't cheap but the only regret I have is that I didn't do it sooner.


Jun 5, 2010
I have weird health stuff going on and I get maybe 5 really really dark hairs on my jaw line and neck and I get one on my chest. I pluck them as soon as I notice them or feel the picky bit growing back in. I hate it :sad: I always have to monitor in the mirror to make sure I haven't missed anything.


Feb 5, 2008
OP, if you can afford it I strongly recommend Laser hair removal. I have done several sessions on my face, and now I hardly have any, I still go for a session every 3 months for whenever I see some hair growth.