Do you suffer from "bag envy?"

  1. Or know somebody who does? How do you deal with it? :confused1:
  2. Are you giving or receiving the envy? :wondering
  3. Oh yes I do! I envy women with beautiful bags, but then I think of my tiny but lovely collection and that there are girls out there that would kill for one of my purse, so I calm down and just think to my next purchase:heart:

  4. LOL

    both .....
  5. Hmm...bag envy or bag lust? Probably both. If I didn't lust after other women's purses or ones I see in the store, I wouldn't need to buy any more!
  6. You have no idea! I envy anyone who has the Tod's Carey bags that I am looking for! A former co-worker had both and I would make an excuse to go in her office just to stare at the beautifully crafted bags....yum!

    What made it hard... "oh, I got these two at the same time...they are okay, I guess." HUH?! Are you kidding me? You spend over $2,300 in one binge and they are "just okay?!" Puh-lease. Let me take them off your hands honey... :smile:

    Hoping to get my Tod's...
    TPC in PA

  7. HAHA! I have bag envy daily! My collection is (currently) very small....but having bag envy is what helps me decide what I'm buying next!!!!

  8. My collection is small too and except for a balenciaga that i got new, they are all used in good condition from eBay ... I envy, or maybe I am jelaous, of those women who can actually spend 2,300 in two bags at the same time. My husband is a saver so he will kill me if I do that ....

  9. My Hub is the same way..... he will carry the same darn $100 in his wallet for weeks and never break it. I petted bags in stores for a year before I took 'the plunge' and bought my first Coach bag. But there's no turning back now...I'm gonna charge the bag I want, pay it off, and buy another! haha

  10. Oh My God!! he is just like mine. I gave him 200 to take with him as he is shooting on location (early May)... he brought the 200 back the other day and gave them to me so i can deposit the money (which of course i did in my purse account ...) as he is only using the per diem he gets from the company ....
  11. I def. get bag lust. I guess that's why I can't seem to stop my obsession. However, I am very pleased with what I have and I'm glad I have them.
  12. Well said. As a bag lover... I don't know how you can never have bag envy when you see a beautiful bag that's not in your collection.
  13. i wouldn't say envy... more so LUST! and bc i'm cheesy i always wonder if the bag-owner appreciates it as much as i do... haha... and i also wonder how many other fabulous bags she owns...

    and all of this shows i have way too much time on my hands and an overactive imagination:graucho:
  14. Yes, I too have bag lust. It's not so much envy as lust! Whenever I see another woman carrying an awesome bag or see pics posted here ... I want what they have! But then I realize I need to rein it in a bit and be reasonable. :smile:
  15. I guess you ladies are very right. Lust qualifies as a much better word than envy (still within the seven deadly sins....):p