Do You Suffer From Anxiety or Panic Attacks? What Do You Do?

  1. I have about 5 major full-blown anxiety attacks over the course of several years. I've been checked from head to toe and I'm perfectly healthy - but when I have one, there's no convincing me that I'm not about to die.
    Anyone else out there with the same predicament? What do you do in the midst? What helps?
  2. So sorry to hear you are having these...they are awful!

    I had those years ago, and what worked for me was to do my best to prevent them in the first place. For me, it was like a pressure cooker...the pressure or anxiety kept building up and then explode in the form of a panic attack.

    I did take medication, but what really worked was the exercise and yoga. Yoga works wonders for me. It stopped the anxiety, and gave me good posture and a leaner body.

    Are you really stressed at the workplace or home?
  3. Really...I've heard yoga is AMAZING. I'm starting an exercise program and that's going to be in it.

    Just typical stuff - 4 kids, life and just the daily stuff - money, kids....I'm a worrier by nature anyway.
    I'm very excited to see that the yoga stopped the anxiety.
    How often do you do it???
    Do you go to a separate place or do you do it at home?
  4. I have had these in the past frequently, and I still get them occasionally. I found the only that that stopped them completely was medication. I tried a therapist and relaxation techniques from a book that I borrowed from the Public Library; I still got them.
  5. i get them. i take a step back when i feel one coming on or i am in the middle of it and do something else. lay down and watch tv, take a bath and read... something to stop my mind from thinking about the thing that's worrying me so much. the key for me was realizing i was having one. i used to just think "i can't breathe! omg i can't breathe" then one day i had an epiphany that it was a panic attack and i took myself out of it. now that i know what it is i can sort of calm myself down enough to end it.

    i also have panic attacks in cars and theatres which is about me feeling like i'm trapped. the cars not as much as theatres so i don't really go to the movies. but i just tell whoever i'm with about it to make sure we can stop if i start feeling bad or so they'll let me sit on an aisle in the theatre. telling myself- it's ok, you can get out any time and knowing that it's true has reduced the attacks and now if i wanted to i'm sure i could go to the movies.

    it's all about trying to recognize when something is coming on or what will trigger it and preventing it or having tools to deal with it.


    hope this helps. good luck. panic/ anxiety attacks can be very scary.
  6. I have had them for years........I am now taking Klonopin (spelling) that works wonders. I hate going in to big crowded spaces, noisey spaces. But with the medication I am doing quite well. I was against medication and for 2-3 years my doctor wanted me to try this. I finally did and it has helped so much. I am also trying yoga. I have some DVD's I do at home. I think caffine can also play a role in panic attacks, anxiety. So try to limit caffine in your diet. I think there are some good books out there on anxiety. Once you learn to not "what if" I have a panic attack and just float like a wave and not fight the feelings you will be amazed that you have control over it instead of feeling so out of control. Therapy can help too. I am not in therapy but wonder if that would have made a difference for someone to explain anxiety/panic attacks for me when I first got them instead of giving me something like Xanaz (?) I don't know what it was, years ago--I didn't take it.
    I think there is a online site called something like the Midwest center for anxiety? My friend just ordered some DVD's from them, but I am not sure of the name.
  7. Yes I get them! It's horrible. And they happen for no reason, even when everything is fine! Anyway, I do take medication. I was very resistant in taking them. I felt that because I was taking meds for it, I was crazy. I called them my crazy pills for a long time. Now I realize that you don't get a metal for not helping yourself. I feel wonderful now.

    Just remember that it's not your fault, and you're not "crazy" it's usually a genetic thing. And it doesn't even mean that you have had a rough life. I seriously have had no problems except for the usual school...homework...etc....that's why I was in such denial for awhile. It is a medical condition, and you should see a doctor. If yoga works for you, that's great!!! But if it doesn't, you may need to take meds. Don't feel bad about it like I did, because it will help you.
  8. I've had one when I was a kid, and it changed me forever. Now I try not to "think" to hard about things, and stay relaxed. I hate panic attacks.. they are the worst feeling in the world!
  9. That's what's so hard for me too - it seems like they come out of nowhere. It reminds me of a rock in a pond - I'll get a major attack like the rock hitting the water and then I'm just not me for DAYS afterwards - like the reverbiration of the waves from the rock, you know???
    I get all the symptoms....tight chest....tingling, shaking, dizziness, fear of throwing up or fainting, and going crazy.
    I'm exhausted....:crybaby:
  10. I suffered from panic attacks/anxiety for the past 6 years. I’ve been to the ER 3 times because they got so bad and because I seriously thought something was wrong. Of course they completely checked me out and found nothing.

    I was put on Paxil which I took for a couple years and then switched over to Lexapro. Medication really helped me a lot but I have always been very upset about having to take them. Recently I have begun tapering the Lexapro in hopes to be medication-free. I think I am at the point where I’ve been dealing with panic attacks for so long I know I am going to be okay. I just have to constantly remind myself I will be okay when I feel my heart beating quickly, breathing becomes shallow and that wave of jittered nerves overcomes my body. It’s been 6 years and a panic attack hasn’t killed me yet. Plus I think I would be a lot happier to be off the meds and know I don’t have to depend on them. Coming off the medication hasn’t been so easy. There are tons of side effects my doctors never told me about and probably if they did I just would have dealt with my anxiety naturally.

    Right now the best solutions for me to be anxiety free is to get plenty of sleep, exercise (although sometimes working out can cause me to control my breathing and get panicky) and to not drink alcohol or caffeine. Lately driving in the car has been when all my anxiety comes out. When there are a lot of other cars around I get extremely claustrophic and feel like I am swerving around. I usually try to avoid driving on the freeways as much as possible but that is pretty impossible when you live in Southern California. I just have to push myself to do it because I no longer will let the anxiety get in the way of living life.

    Maybe I will take up yoga after reading this thread. Sounds like a great idea!
  11. ITa. THat's what works for me too. You need to stress down, but there are so many ways to do it, and you'l have to find what works for you. =) Panic attacks are really awful! I wish you luck!
  12. That's terrible and I know what you mean about the exhaustion. Your doctor should have given you something when you got checked out. As Liberte said, you have to see what works for you, so you can begin to control the attacks.

    If you are interested in yoga, try joining a beginner's class once a week. An instructor can help you with the poses, breathing and ways to incorporate yoga into your daily life. I think it is safer this way and if you do not like it, you can move on to something else. That one hour will make such a difference, though. I now have CD's, but I like the classes better. Hang in there! You will get through this!
  13. Do you guys get like weird headaches too, afterwards? I have a tendency to get migraines (although thankfully, not more than like 2 a year)...but my head just kind of aches today.....
    I have Atavan to take if I need something IMMEDIATELY. It just kind of brings you down....makes you a little sleepy....a little spacey, which isn't great if you need it in the day. Night time is great. I think the scariest thing with the last one the other day is I felt like I was walking to the left, I was so dizzy - and I was praying that I could get through getting my kids to bed without passing out or throwing up.
    Yes, I've been to the ER too. My blood pressure was through the roof! It was like 153/90 when I went in!! Normally, it's like 110/60. Oy.
    I feel like the nerves in my arms are jittering...I feel like a tired vibration today....and I HATE that I have this. My Mom had notorious anxiety attacks and agoraphobia....I really enjoy being around people, but I get nervous know, the fear of doing something STUPID like fainting in public.
    The hardest thing is when you're in it. And the days proceeding it.
    I'm glad I'm not alone. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one....:crybaby:
  14. Maybe it's due to the stress and thus realted to muscles reducing blood stream and similar, such things cna happen when you're under stress for a long time too.

    I hardly have head aches anymore, so I don't know, but I know many people who had stress related head aches.
  15. I've had them, tried meds but after taking them for awhile they made it worse. Started to practice deep breathing. Breath from your belly not your chest. To check if you are doing this, lay flat and your stomach should be going up and down, not your chest. It really helped me. Hope you start feeling better.