Do you Sudoku?

  1. I've slowly become obsessed and love to do Sudoku puzzles. I'm kind of a number person anyway but I love the challenge and thought process involved.

    So does anyone else here at tPF Sudoku?
  2. My 10 year old LOVES those puzzles......I am constantly buying them for her...
  3. I try, but I can't figure them out iwthout looking at the answers :sad:
  4. I've been doing Sudoku since my newspaper first started printing them in March 2006! I don't do them as much anymore but I should start again.
  5. Addicted!
  6. :yes: Me too!!!
  7. Kinda.. but I'm finding after a while they all look the same.
  8. i am bad with #s
  9. I love sudoku but I only do the easy and medium ones- the difficult are too hard for me!
  10. I've never done it but my husband tells me that I would love it as I'm such a number person, and he also doesn't understand it. Maybe I'll pick up one of those books today for some entertainment and amusement.
  11. Yes! I love them!
  12. I'm completely addicted to Sudoku!
  13. haha, the easy-medium ones are too hard for me!
  14. Absolutely love them! I need to buy a puzzle book, though because the challenges they have in our newspaper are printed so small I can hardly write my numbers in them.

    Any suggestions for one to purchase?
  15. I love sudoku! Especially for plane rides :smile: and when I'm bored in class, lol!
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