Do you suck in your gut? ;-)

  1. It's a totally random and silly question....but I think it'll be interesting! :yes:

    Personally, I suck in my gut whenever I'm wearing something form-fitting and am out in public. But when I'm in my car or at home, everything bulges out as God intended. :p

    But I do admit: I pull in my gut around my husband sometimes. I know he loves me for me, but still.....

    So, do you?
  2. Of course not! I have a perfectly toned and sculpted tummy. Seriously, quarters bounce right off it. :rolleyes:

    Well, maybe sometimes I suck in. Just a little. :shame:
  3. Haha!! This is funny!! Yeah, I try to hold my tummy in if I eat too much when we go out to eat, but it usually hurts so bad I have to make a beeline from my seat in the restaurant all the way to my car, where I then unbutton my pants, burp, and let my pooch stick out! I know I am very ladylike!!
  4. Hehe, you guys crack me up. I unbutton my top button all the time after a good meal! And ITA -- a good belch helps to relieve the pressure!
  5. I only suck in when I'm wearing super tight dresses...everything pretty much stays in the rest of the time.
  6. Hey! me too!
  7. Usually when I pass cute guys LOL. No, really. I usually just do it when I'm wearing something that's a little tighter than what I usually wear, but that's about it.
  8. I suck in my gut quite often when I have PMS.
  9. When i'm in a bikini...YES!! lol and also if I'm out in public wearing a tight top and have just eaten a big meal. *nods ... or in dresses.. haha
  10. Of course!
  11. I dont suck in my gut, but I do squeeze my booty when I stand to make it look perkier. :lol:
  12. It's semi impossible for me to do it now but before I was pregnant I kinda did - especially when a cute guy walked by or I had to stand in front of my classmates, lol
  13. lol, when I do that it just makes it look like I'm trying to hold in a fart :roflmfao:
  14. Oh no! I never thought of that! I hope no one thinks that is what I am doing when I squeeze my butt! :wtf:
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I agree with Danica, definitely if I'm wearing something form-fitting and I've eaten a big meal :p When I wear dresses, I usually wear a Spanx-type strapless bodysuit shaper underneath. It sucks everything in for you ;)

    I gave up trying to suck anything in while wearing a bikini. Most of the time, I let it all hang out :supacool: