Do you subconsciously change your Chanel bag for something less "designer"?

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  1. As I was getting ready for farmers market this morning, emptying the contents of my classic Jumbo (which I wear as my everyday bag, along with reissue at times) to a Lanvin (which is very under the radar), I suddenly had a revelation that I often do this, subconsciously changing my Chanel bag for something less "designer" when I go to the market, be it supermarket or farmers market, even Costco. I don't think it has much to do with the weight of the bag or conveniences, more so that I don't want to show up in those places in a Chanel if that makes sense. Am I totally crazy and alone in this?
  2. Yes I do this "consciously" lol. I also don't want to be at certain places with certain bags that may feel a bit inappropriate like charity events etc.
  3. No, never. I carry Chanel with my workout clothes.
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  4. I once went to Costco wearing skirt and Chanel bag. My bf said, look at everyone around you, who dress like this in Costco? I was speechless. Lol
  5. I wear my Chanel most everywhere except on vacation or heavy duty shopping at a wearhouse sale where I don't want to worry about it getting stolen etc.
  6. I wear my Chanels everywhere - starbucks, farmers market, whole foods, name it! Some days,my bag doesn't even match my outfit. I just walk down in my sweat pants and my Chanel tote to grab some yogurt and almond milk! I have no shame...LOL
  7. I sometimes do this when i go out for a quick bite, when i go walmart, costco i just bring my wallet or my "dump" bag lol the bag that i dump everything in. For certain places, chanel is too.. flashy lol
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  8. sometimes... i don't change it for walmart or target or grocery shopping, but i will sometimes change it if i know i'm going to a place (or into a neighborhood) where other people seriously cannot afford chanel... you have to be aware of your 'audience' i think. it's not a negative thing to know there is a time and place for certain bags and looks:smile:
  9. Yes! I change my bags out depending on where I'm going...I love Chanel but I don't think Chanel is meant to go everywhere I go :smile:
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  10. I sometimes get self-conscious because although I live in NYC, most people in my circle don't wear high-end designer stuff like I do. I've learned to care less but I will still have limits to what I feel comfortable wearing. For example, I will be more likely to get self-conscious wearing the Jumbo than the mini, reissue, or GST.
  11. I never change my bag due to concern for wearing "Chanel at the store", the only time I change it out is when I want to avoid situations where I know their is potential for it to get stained, etc.
  12. No subconscious about it -- I volunteer at an animal shelter and even though my bag goes in a locker and most of the people who work there probably aren't familiar with a lot of luxury designer goods, I don't wear Chanel there. Usually it's Longchamp, or maybe an Hermes Garden Party bag since that is completely under the radar.
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  13. I def change from my Chanel bags when going certain places.
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  14. I change my bag almost everyday, I sometimes change bags multiple times during weekends depending on what I do and where I go. That's a tiring habit I have to admit.
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  15. I substitute teach in Title 1 schools where most of the kids are economically disadvantaged, so it would be tacky for me to show up with a bag that could pay for their food for a few months.