Do you stuff youre bags?

  1. When you arent wearing one of youre LV, do you stuff it with paper to keep its shape or do you flatten it out?. Just curious. I dont stuff my Coach Bags because I have them displayed in my Dressing room. But it seem to lose its shape and lean or flatten. Id most likely keep my LV in a bag.
  2. I didn't used to stuff my bags b/c I didn't have very many and rotated them regularily, but now that my collection is out of control I do stuff them because I have discovered that a "neglected" bag can get some weird kinks in it if it's allowed to flop around just any old way for several months.

    OK, short answer: yes, I stuff.
  3. Yes, I stuff my handbags with the paper they came with..for my trotteur and mini lin speedy..scared they will get out of shape
  4. That's stupid, I always threw away the stuffing!!!
    Maybe I should stuff too.....
  5. It is not stupid to stuff your bags...own preference;)
  6. Im too lazy to stuff mine..LOL...
  7. yup i stuff most of my bags and keep them in their original boxes. i dont like to squish them together in storage just in their dustbags (especially without stuffing) cos they totally lose their shape. i love my babies!
  8. Yes, I always stuff my bags with clean t-shirts and put them in their dust bags, but I don't crowd them together.
  9. I stuff my MC Alma and my Hudson, but that's it. The others don't need stuffing.
  10. way to lazy for that!
  11. depends on the bag, my mono speedy 25 i have an old sheet in it then in a pillow case on the shelf. My mc speedy no but it has a purseket in there so it helps to keep its shape, i just keep in the sleeping bag. My ellipse no need it keeps it shape on its own. Alma in the dust bag but not stuff no need. My noe.. nope just toss it on the shelf. My denim speedy is in its sleeping bag and folded, in fact its under a bunch of shirts in my closet. denim baggy is flat in the sleeping bag too.
  12. i stuff everything
  13. I stuff my Speedy after each time I use it, then put it in it's dustbag and then in it's box. Maybe because I only have one LV. We'll see when I get more lol!
  14. ditto, once is awhile I will get a burst of energy and go through and clean and condition them all and stuff them....that lasts until I use them
  15. yes and no. not out of concern for their shape, but out of concern for my serious lack of space!
    my apt is the size of most people's living room and bathroom! its teeny tiny! so all my bags are stored inside bigger bags to keep the space constraint to the highest. the losing shape does not bother me, it doesn't ruin any of the bags i have to keep them floppy.