Do you stuff your speedy (or other LV) every night?

  1. I know its recommended but do you guys actually stuff your speedy or other bags... every night? What do you stuff them with?
  2. The only bags that I stuff are the ones I am not using. And I stuff them with tshirts.
  3. ha.. ^^ me too !
  4. i use sheets to sutff everything lol
  5. Nope. :nogood:
  6. No. I can't be bothered.
  7. I stuff the bags I'm not using. I usually just use the stuffing that comes with the bag when I've purchased it.
  8. Only a few of them... the ones that were shipped out to me by LV or eLuxury as they usually have LV tissue paper in them or sometimes the card board pieces.
  9. i have the same response as sugarcookie72. i try to stuff them when i know i'm not going to use them, but if i know i'm using it the next day i won't anymore :smile: LOL
  10. nope, but i just have speedies, i do put them in a cupboard though when i am not using them. using the speedy 30 at the mo!
  11. All my bags go in their dustbags.
  12. I just put my bags in their dustbags, that's all..
  13. i like to fold my speedy down to save space. lol.
  14. Don't your bags get creases though? Or do those go away after you use them?

    I'm so scared to fold it and have it lose its great shape
  15. The only time my speedy was folded was when I first bought it. Since it's my everyday bag right now, I don't do much to it.

    When I am not using it, I stuff with tshirts like I do the rest of my bags and put it in the dustbag.

    Does it take awhile to get the creases out?