Do you store your LV in the box?

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  1. My closet space is quickly on the decline, I need MORE space...Do you store your LV in the box as well as the dust bag? If I store the bag out of the box does the leather patina faster? Thanks
  2. I store mine in only the dustbag. I haven't noticed anything about the patina though. I don't think it makes a difference but I could be wrong. My Musette still hasn't patinaed really and I've had it for over a year but only used it a few times. I wish it would patina!
  3. I only put it in the dustbag- it's better for the leather if it's able to breathe, which won't be possible in a box. As for the patina, I used my bucket bag infrequently the first year and while it did change to a darker patina, it was very slow. Only now has it started to take on more of a honeyed hue.
  4. I just have them sitting on the shelf sans any boxes or dust bags otherwise I forget what I have!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  5. All my bags are in their dustbags and in their boxes - neatly stacked!
    But I do not own many handbags, I couldn't possibly forget one!
  6. Not my Speedys - don't want to fold them up. They sit in the dustbag unfolded.
  7. I store mine in their dustbags. The only ones in the box are my Bbag twiggy and the Chanel reissue.
  8. In order to have easy access and increased storage, I store my purses in a pull-out clear plastic drawer which fits into a closet shelf. That way it is still breathable but also has an extra layer of protection. Rubbermaid makes a good and inexpensive one that is stackable.
  9. Nah, only in their dustbags.
  10. I'd store my Speedy in the dustbag then in the box if they had a big box.
  11. In The Dustbags

    LV addict ~ Yummy Closet
  12. none of my stuff ever see their dustbags the minute i take them home. lol. the boxes i keep inside each other, and the dustbags inside their respective boxes.. and the bags are left to breathe and live with me in my room. hehe.
  13. i keep all my bags in there dustbag and stuff the bags with thin paper
  14. (1) A bag or two I use daily, I keep without stuffing, without dust bag. They can be on the shelf or on the chair or even on the floor
    (2) Ones I know I will use once a week/ or every other week on the weekends I keep on shelf with stuffing and dust bag
    (3) Ones I use for occasions, once a month or less, I store on middle to top shelf with stuffing, with dustbag with box
    (4) Ones I no longer carry, or carry rarely once in a blue moon I store on bottom shelves with stuffing, with dustbag, with box

    My just turned our den, which has no window and has been our previous computer area, into a CLOSET! I wouldn't worry too much about my bags getting patina in there.. no way any sunlight can enter. Muwhahaha
  15. I only keep my bags in the dust bags and not all of mine have boxes. Do they give you the boxes at the boutiques? Mine only came with the brown shopping bag.