Do you store your bags after EVERY use, or leave them out?

  1. There have been plenty of threads on how everyone stores their bags, but what about the bags you use every day? Do you take all your things out, store them immediately after using them and only take them out again when you go out, or do you leave your things in them and leave the bag out? Or maybe you rotate bags often, so you're constantly taking your things out and putting them back in anyway?

    I've been leaving my most used purse out unprotected since taking my things out, storing the bag, and then putting all my things back in when I'm leaving tends to be a hassle. I know nothing too terrible will happen to it leaving it out like that, but I worry anyway [​IMG]
  2. It's become sort of a routine of mine to pick out a purse in the morning, put all my things in it and in the evenings take everything out and put the purse away. I have a couple "drop-in" pouches that holds the smaller items like money, ID, etc. so I don't forget things when I move to a new purse. I used to leave my unused purses out (and even the purse I was currently using), but my cat chewed through the strap on one of them and I don't want to risk her ruining another purse.
  3. I always store my bags when I'm done using them. I never leave things in my bags because I stuff them to maintain their shape. I'm constantly taking my things in and out, it's a routine for me by now.
  4. Good question!

    Since I've been using my Balenciaga City almost every day, I have to put it right back into it's dust bag when I return home. That's because I have the cutest but most curious cat in the world! He would SO love to get ahold of those tassles and destroy them. I can see it in his eyes! If I happen to carry a Vuitton or my Fendi Spy, he could care less so I just leave it out (but out of his reach, just in case) until I can get it cleaned out and back into it's dust bag.

  5. Yeah...I do the same!...except for the stuffing, maybe I should do that?! Pursegalsf, do you stuff with the tissue that it came with or something else? My three elements of destruction are my 4 yr old and two cats, they love to either put toys in it, get crayon on it or sleep on it. It's actually not time consuming because I have something like a Purseket.
  6. my everyday bag, I leave out :P
  7. Ha Ha! :biggrin:

    I've lost a leather back pack and leather jacket (and two more jackets marred-scarred) to our adorable Mr. Goober (kitty). One night I caught him swinging from two coats in my closet - a paw-claw in the sleeve of each. Picture the shredding as he slides his way down. The look on his little mug was priceless, but I have to keep reminding him he owes me hundreds of dollars, plus interest. :P

    Now I put my bag (full) in to the closet every night, empty it in to a new one every morning (the extra miscelleneous go into a basket), and put the empty away in a stuff sack right away and then wire the closet doors shut.

    It's not so much a routine, however, as a ritual.

    I love deciding every morning which one to carry - it's well worth the extra 5 minutes getting ready for work. :love:
  8. lol Great stories/posts ladies, thanks for replying! Even though I cant relate to the pet situations (I wish I had a puppy though :[) I see what you guys mean.
  9. If I'm going to use the bag the next day I just store it with the items in it.
  10. I leave the purse out. I wish I could know the day before which purse I will be using but I never know until the day of. So I leave my purse out, unprotected, and if I need to switch over to a new purse, I might put the old one away. I'm usually too lazy about it though so my purses get left out for weeks until I finally put them away.
  11. I use the same purse for 2 weeks, take everything out, clean the bag and stuff it with tissue paper, then store it in its sleeper with dehumidifying agents outside the bag, before using another bag. Then the cycle repeats. I never leave any bag lying outside.
  12. I don't treat my bags well I must confess. I never use the dustbags or stuff them. I have them on shelves or thrown in a dresser. Some of my bags are from the 80's and still look fine...especially Chanel and Fendi. I rotate into a different bag every couple of days so I need to see what there is without the dustbags, especially since I have many of the same brand.
  13. Ehh, I leave 'em out unless they're my $$$ bags, then they get put away. Except my Spy which is my everyday bag these days.
  14. Thanks for all of the info - I'm new to this forum and am interested to learn!

    Pursemama, what is a "purseket"?
  15. I switch bags every 3-4 days I store it then. But the one I am using at the time I'll leave out on my bar.