Do you store you LV items in the LV gift box?

  1. Just wondering if you put your bags and small goods back in the LV box they came in when you aren't using them. I have heard this isn't good for the items, it will trap humidity or something like that. Let me know if you store your 'extra';) stuff in the boxes they came in! :yes: And if you have heard of this creating a problem! :confused1:
  2. My handbags are stored in just their dustbags, I do put my scarves back in the boxes though. I store all my LV receipts in one of the small boxes, so I can keep all those together. :smile:
  3. No... but I store my receipts in a LV box^^
    My bags are just sitting in the closet... no dustbags, no boxes. I'm too lazy to but them back and I love looking at them... :love:
  4. I keep receipts and tags in them as well as extra dustbags..but I do keep some of my smaller accessories in them so they don't get dusty.
  5. I heard keeping them in the boxes wasn't good for them either, but I would think if you live in a dry cool place it's fine. I have only 2 lv bags and an accessory on it's way. I will probably store the accessory in the damier speedy which I keep out sitting on top of it's dustbag and my mono speedy is so new and light that I keep it out of it's bag sitting on top of it's dustbag too hoping it will turn a nicer more normal shade in the vachetta from the air exposure. I don't know what to do with these pretty lv boxes, I have 3 of them, 2 nice new ones from my new speedy purchases and an old box that has a rip in it from my first used mono speedy purchase. I can't bring myself to throw them out, probably when we move, maybe I'll just keep one!
  6. I keep my small acces. in the pull out boxes...they are just so darn cute. Most of my bags are in the dust bags only but a few are still in the boxes. Luckily it doesn't get humid here (at least I don't think so).
  7. hi i am new but i have some LV bags and I let them sit out on my bedroom dresser to get aired out. i think it is important for the leather maybe especially with the handles as they turn color? i think so.
  8. Mine are all in boxes (except for the two Damiers in rotation because of weather). I know it's bad but right now I just don't have the space and they would end up getting crushed.
    My goal is to get the closet organized and buy a California Closet system this year!
  9. I used to be OBSESSED about keeping my bags in boxes! I would ALWAYS ask for one when purchasing something. Then I didn't use my Epi speedy for a while and one side (that the bag was laying on) got flat. I tried stuffing it with paper but that didn't work. So, I threw all the big boxes out and only kept small ones for accessories.
  10. i store mine in their dust bag. i hate boxes!
  11. dustbags!
  12. just the small accessories
  13. hm, interesting! i was keeping a couple in their boxes, but after reading this, i'll be taking them out!!
  14. I use the dustbag and box. It probably wouldn't be a problem to keep it in the boxes if you rotate purses often.
  15. Yep, the need to breathe, so storing in boxes is not recommended. There was girl whose mandarin epi actually molded.