Do you still use your designer bags once you have children?

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  1. NF PM fits nicely in stroller storage and the open top makes it easy to grab things I need. I know so many have qualms about dirtying the light print but I've gotten over it - gotta use my bags!!!
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  2. Diaper bag for my daughter’s stuff and whatever bag I want to carry that day
  3. I honestly didn’t change much. I did have a cheaper Tory Burch bag I used as a baby bag for each kid for the first year when I needed more things, but now with a 1 and 3 year old I am back to using chanel GST, chanel jumbo flaps , and LV ponthieu as my primary bags for everyday. I do bring a small zip pouch bag for diapers and wipes and keep that in the car. We cloth diaper so they are larger and take more space so I find that just keeping that kit in the car works perfect
  4. I never stopped carrying my designer bags completely but did downsize a lot when DD was born, as I was lugging a massive baby bag around with me, so there were some bags that were out of the question such as anything with only top handles. As DD is now three and I no longer need the huge baby bag, I am really enjoying using some of my bigger non crossbody bags again. My current favourites are my LV Neverfull MM in DE with the rose ballerine pink lining and my Pochette Metis in mono (crossbody but I would have never used it when DD was a baby, for fear of damaging the vachetta!).
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  5. My son had really bad reflux and would vomit multiple times a day as an infant so I stuck to only using diaper bags with him, and saved my Hermes/Chanel purses for activities without him. Now that he's a toddler I still usually use the diaper bag for all his stuff, but will often take a goyard bag or YSL wallet on chain for myself.
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  6. It all depends. I don't use any handheld ones unless I am on a rare outing by myself or with just my husband.
    When I take my toddler to a playdate or park I use a diaper backpack.
    Otherwise, I still use my designer shoulder or cross body bags. Life is too short not to enjoy them!
  7. I haven’t used my bags with my LO. Little fingers that explore the world are not the cleanest. But when I go out without the LO, I carry them!:flowers:
  8. I did stop buying luxury items when I gave birth to my son, but since he is turning 5 this year already, I am slowly building my collection once again. I can wear what I want unlike when he was still young, having to be hands-free is my only bag option.
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