Do you still use your designer bags once you have children?

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  1. I use my marc Jacobs diaper bag. I miss using my designer bags. I only use them for a date night.
  2. When my children were first born I used my Oroton nappy bag, which was gifted to me. Now that they are a bit older (2.5 and 15 months) I have started using my designer bags more often as I don't have to lug so much stuff around!
    Often I take the nappy bag but leave it in the car with 1-2 Nappies and some wipes tucked in my handbag.
  3. I use both : a cheap diaper bag for baby and my beloved Chloe for me ️ i have two daughters
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  4. I was not much of a diaper bag carrier. My LO didn’t require a bunch of stuff, so I put what little he needed in my designer bags.
  5. I agree with Taho. I always loved handbags and had nice handbags prior to having a child. However, after having a child my friends started commenting that I wasn't using my bags nor showing any interest in the topic at all. Thus, it was after this revelations that I became a "collector" and "aficionado" of purses. For me, its important to have this hobby. This is my hobby and TPF are my group of friends. Its my escape, if you will. Whether I make purchases or not I consider it my hobby and I enjoy all of my fellow mates here. And I have found more enjoyment in using my handbags than
    prior to having children.
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  6. I've used all designer and never ruined any so far any with all 3 kids. I've carried my kelly with a clean diaper inside, Chanel, Louis etc... I was always careful with my bags and I've only become a tad more lax.
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  7. Changing bag for little one and small crossbody mini for me. Will use a larger handbag for myself if I fancy it though especially on the weekend when DH is off work and can help out with baby manoeuvring.
  8. I haven’t used many of my premium designer handbags since DS was born (only used Chanel WOC). I’ve used and abused my Marc Jacobs Natasha, DS chews on the straps along with my Tory Burch Robinson wristlet wallet which he also chews on. I also use my Longchamp as a throw around diaper bag. I would love to use my other handbags but if it’s not canvas, I can’t do it lol Especially when my LO is teething and wants to chew on everything including my DH’s LV wallet.
  9. Heck yeah! You will only need a diaper bag for a relatively short period of time in the big scheme of things (if at all--many moms I know would just use a neverfull). I had a kate spade diaper bag but I needed a big bag because I have twins. But once they are potty trained and as they get older you don't need to carry as much stuff and you can start using smaller bags. Mine are 4 now. I find being hands free the most important so I usually either use a cross body or my all time fave mommy purchase a Bal backpack that I use all the time when I take them out. LV's canvas is durable and wipes easily so I also use my neverfull and artsy a lot when I am out with them.
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  10. Definitely big YES! I did carry both diaper bag and designer bag when my twins were born then after a while, I carried my Prada messenger bag as my diaper bag. Gradually as they get bigger I started using my 'smaller' designer bags more often.
  11. Yes, definitely! However, one change in my case was that after having kids, I preferred smaller bags with (in order of priority) a strap and a top handle.
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  12. Update: I mainly use a small backpack now as a baby bag but I'm able to fit my LV pochette accessoires in case I end up dressing more formally and need a clutch/small bag.
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  13. I still love and use my designer bags. The biggest difference now is I’m gravitating towards more practical everyday bags( totes and shoulder bags).
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  14. Of course! But I need big mom bags to carry around all my baby things
  15. I've changed my bags to backpacks ))