Do you still use your designer bags once you have children?

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  1. Or do you end up leaving them behind in favour of diaper bags and other baby miscellany?
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  2. Often wondered this myself for all the ladies with heaps of gorgeous designer bags. I don't have all that many designer bags myself, but since having my first child 7 months ago, I mainly just use my nappy (diaper) bag daily. I got a cute aqua coloured Kate Spade baby bag, so I think it looks nice. Every now and then for a date night, I bring out a fancy bag paired with some designer heels etc
  3. Should also add - the amount of cr*p you need to pack and bring with you daily won't fit in any of my designer bags, which is the main reason I use a baby bag. Also from fear of things leaking/spilling too
  4. I do. My son is 2 and I have never owned a diaper bag. I have an extra large Longchamp pouch with a changing pad, diapers, etc. that I transfer from bag to bag. When he was smaller, I could fit extra changes of clothes in there. Now I have the diaper pouch and two extra mesh bags - one with two changes of clothes and another smaller one with some sticker books and Hot Wheels.
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  5. Yes, I bring a diaper bag and still carry my Lady Dior bag every day. At first I wondered how I was going to do it also, like would it be tacky to bring both?, but I stick them both in the basket under the stroller and it’s easy that way I don’t have to be without my store cards and makeup and I still have everything for my baby. Luckily my Dior is patent leather also so everything wipes off really easy.
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  6. Yes, I practically only wear Hermes bags and I use them daily with my 3 kids (incl. a newborn). The bags are meant to be used, not displayed. I use a skiphop travel change pad to carry diapers, wipes, change of clothes for baby and underwear for my toddler. Any toys or waterbottles get thrown in my H bag and snacks goin a lunch bag.
    I would never get to use my bags again if I did not use with the kids.
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  7. Whilst mine were still in the pushchair then they had their own bag and I had mine. Their bag went on the pushchair and I carried mine. When they abandoned the pushchair then they didn't really need to take anything out with them so now I just have my own bag (they are 6 and 3).
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  8. I still carry my designer bags. I have a diaperbag/backpack that hangs on the stroller and I carry my bag.
  9. Yes all the time. My daughter is now four and is getting into designer bags (ha) so no worries about issues with them. I don’t need to carry a lot for her now but when she was younger I had a separate diaper bag when I needed more room for her things. I have Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Chanel bags. So far they have been fine.
  10. Yes! Infact, I became interested in designer handbags only AFTER having children. I didn't care for them at all before. It's sad to admit but I started really lusting after bags when I had to accept I just don't fit into or look the same in my pre-mom clothes anymore. This is not to say I never lost the baby weight, it's just I've aged and no matter how much I take care of myself, the changes will show. My personal style has had to evolve. In that sense, it's uplifting to know that the bags are a one size fits all for the most part and I can enjoy them regardless of how I change [even more] through the years. In regards to to toting a baby bag around, I have a little pouch with diapers and changes of clothes but that fits into my LV Iena MM or Balenciaga Velo quiet easily. My stroller also has a bag hook which lets me carry any bag on it while out.
  11. This attitude is partly motivating my interest in getting a new bag—whatever your body size or shape, the bag will always fit!
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  12. I definitely still use my designer bags since DD. I would never convert to using a “ mom bag” or wear “mom jeans” or get a “mom haircut.” I’m still me. The baby is an excuse to have wipes for easy clean up on your nice things.
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  13. Very interesting post. It would be awesome if you ladies can include pics ?
  14. Yes, I still use my designer bags. In fact, I started using one of my designer bags as a "diaper bag."
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  15. Right after I had my baby, no. I was also a really nervous first time mother, and wanted everything I would ever need with me whenever I went out... so my priority was always my baby and me and my items were always an afterthought. But I really missed using my designer bags (and I received one from DH as a push present that I wanted to have a reason to take out!). After the first three months, I started to gain a bit of confidence and reminded myself that self-care was important too. I started to carry a diaper bag for the baby, and my own items in my bags. I had forgotten how good they made me feel in my frumpy, sleep-deprived state. My bag preferences have changed, though. I will always have a soft spot for shoulder bags and hand-carried bags, but I am really liking larger crossbodies right now. It’s nice to have free hands when you’re juggling a car seat, diaper bag, and other items when you’re out and about.
    If I’m going out quickly, I’ll throw a travel change pad in my bag. If I’m going out for more than three hours and need drinks and snacks, I’ll bring a full size diaper bag plus my own bag.
    I’m still figuring out how to incorporate my own personal style with my new role as a parent, so it’s great to read what others are doing with their older children!
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