Do you still pay sales tax if you live outside USA?

  1. I have bought a bag from a US Chanel boutique and was wondering if i still get charged sales tax if i dont live in the US?
  2. Yeah, i was wondering about that too.....
  3. No, you don't have to pay sales tax when you're buying from outside of the US. You're probably have to pay customs tax though.
  4. Thx - i have been charged 4% excise tax on a bag i have bought in Hawaii so the cost for my reissue is $2445 and not $2350. So this is incorrect? Have emailed my SA but havent received response yet. Am worried he will tell me i have to pay it. I know that when the bag comes to Australia i will have to pay 10% sales tax plus customs duty so at this point every little bit of saving helps.
  5. I live in Europe and also have bought from the US. I just looked at my receipt and apart from the shipping costs, there was no sales tax or other taxes charged.
  6. Mild hijack - Nathalie I did not know you lived in Europe! Now I know who to target in my time zone for authentications! But back on topic - is there a standard customs amount that one is charged in the EU? I have never dared to have things delivered here for fear of a 19% tax.....
  7. Yes, I do! And would you believe me if I told you that I live approx. 30 minutes away from you? :graucho:

    The standard customs amount in The Netherlands is around 19%, if it gets stuck in customs that is. My experience is that if it's marked as a gift and it doesn't exceed $100, then you won't have to pay any customs tax.
  8. What! So close;)!! Good news re the tax issue - will explore that option.