Do you still love your oak lily?

  1. I’m thinking to get a medium lily in oak color. But I always have the fear about this color since it’s prone to be showing mark easily. I saw some Preloved oak bag at terrible condition that showed dark stain here and there. I like oak color and like medium lily style. Shall I give it a try? Is the color really difficult to maintain? I will get a colonial spray if I buy this.

    I need oak lily owner to give me best advice. Is your bag still looking good after years?
  2. I have a month old oak medium lily and I treat it just like I treat my oak bayswater which I own for about 3.5 years now. I use collonil spay and gel to protect it. Sure NVT is prone to scuff and fingernail scratches but I buff them out with collonil. I’m really looking forward to the patina it will develop. Perhaps some owners who had their oak lily for more years can share their experience.

  3. Your oak lily is gorgeous! How’s your oak bay holding up after 3.5 years? How often do you spray your bag? Does the bag still have water mark?
  4. This is my Oak bayswater. The corners had slight scuff but I used Woly cognac shoe cream two weeks ago to cover up the scuff. Otherwise, the bag looks great and has developed a nice patina. I use collonil gel once a month or if I’m taking it out on a rainy day. I use the gel mostly but spray the bag maybe once every couple months. The gel works fine for me in waterproofing the bag. This bag has been through rain and snow and it has no watermarks.

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  5. Thanks again! Good to hear there is a solution to keep an oak bag well, at least not ruin the bag with watermarks