Do you still love your Damier Speedy?

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  1. After my LV-a-month insanity I decided to take a break and slowly save up for my next piece, but now I'm ready to get my Damier Speedy. But I'm having doubts. :shrugs:

    For those of you who have had yours for a while:

    - Do you still love it? Is it the bag you most carry?

    - Have you been wearing with with jeans and lots of casual clothes?

    I'm so tempted by it's got to come with me to college each day and out to lunch and such so I need it to be a casual piece. :yes:

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  2. I bought the Damier Speedy about 1 month after it came out, and at first I was in LOVE with it, I especially liked it because it wasn't an IN YOUR FACE LOGO bag lol!
    But lately I have actually been having doubs myself, I just don't find it that attractive anymore, and i'm currently considering selling it.
    I tended to carry my bag with jeans, and just when I was wearing quite casual clothes, but IMO it looks no where near as nice as the MC Speey.
  3. i only just started carrying my 25 this week, and i've had it for over a month :lol:! i love it, especially because i don't have to worry about any vachetta like on my Mono Speedy 25. it's a great bag, especially for everyday use :yes:
  4. i love my damier speedy. actually use it everyday and on occasion i will break out the BH. I dont have to worry about it in the rain etc. I LOVE HER!!!!!!
  5. I love my 30 and it's great for the winter or when it rains, no need to worry about the vachetta!
  6. of course i still love it!! i'm actually using it right now!
  7. I've had mine since June and I'm far from bored with it, and I think it looks great as an everyday bag, in fact I would only use it as that.
  8. I still love mine and I'm using it now.
  9. I had my speedy the day it was out June 1st. I carry it couple of times and now it's resting in the closet. I still love it of course . I am just excited for her albino twin sister to arrive...damier azur speedy :smile: :girlsigh:
  10. Sounds like its just me who isn't as in love with her damier speedy :crybaby: lol!
    I need to stop getting bored with my bags only a while after i've bought them lol, its my biggest problem!
  11. I love my damier speedy 30 since I got it in's such a great bag because it can be dressed up or down and it goes with so mayn outfits!! I can't wait to get the azur!!
  12. I got my Damier Speedy 25 on June 2, and have carried it lots since then. In fact, it's my current everyday bag. I'm a very casual person, lately I've been wearing mostly shorts, and the Speedy works fine with that. I think it would be a great bag for college because it's practically indestructible, it holds a lot, and it looks sharp!
  13. Are you kidding? I only had mine for a few weeks but I'm truly loving this bag. I think it's going to be my everyday bag, before that I was using my popincourt a lot. The great thing about the damier speedy is you can dress it up or down. I just love it:yes:
  14. I still love mine, everytime I take it out I fall in love with it all over again. I bought mine when it first came out and used it for a month straight. I recently gave it a break to use other bags I just bought but I see myself taking it out again for the fall.

    It looks great dressed up or down.
  15. I like it, but do not own one. I actually prefer it in the 25, that's what my friend has.