Do you still like the Gustto Baca?


Do you think Baca is still cool and would you wear it?

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  1. Why or why not?

    Do you think its played out, or do you think its still "relevant"

    Tell me your thoughts, I'd love to hear!:yes:

    Pictures are of both the Baca and the Big Baca
    BACA by Gustto_thumb.jpg gus3022blk.jpg gustt1000812091_201x396_1.jpg halle_berry400.jpg 15582-viewsize300-front.jpg
  2. I always love me a big, slouchy, pettable bag and this one, to me, epitomizes that! I'm not a fan of the ones with contrast/patent trim, and I think it's not as popular now as it once was, but I still think this is a great bag.
  3. i love the baca and think it's a great bag...smooshy leather, fits everything and doesn't look overstuffed...looove it!
  4. I want one but the lining kept me from buying.
  5. I had thought about selling mine but can't bring myself to do it. That leather is just so so smushable. I haven't had anything quite the same so I think I better hold on to this "passing Fancy" bag. It does seem that the craze is over but the bag has it's qualities that drew me to it in the first place. Too bad about the lining but I've gotten over that.
  6. Next to my Mike & Chris Berkeley bags, my Baca bags are my favorite casual bags. The leather is smushy and soft. Durability is important as I tend to carry quite a bit in my bags and these guys are well put together. I have the large Baca in a beige(sorta off-white), brown, and most recently the winter white with patent trim. The straps hug my short shoulders nicely which is a plus as most other bags slide off. I will never ever sell my Bacas.
  7. I love them and would definitely put one on my "wishlist". You don't see them very often in Chicago so to me they stand out a little bit more. Everyone seems to mention the lining though...what's wrong?

  8. I have one that I am trying to sell on the MarketPlaza. Everyone is right about the soft, squishy leather. Mine is chocolate with black patent trim. Very pretty but I am selling it b/c I never reach for it! I hate having a bag that goes unused.

    windycityaj, the lining is bright yellow. A lot of people have complained about it!

    Here are pictures of my bag, with flash and without
    IMG_1647.jpg IMG_1650.jpg IMG_1652.jpg IMG_1653.jpg
  9. Oh, about it being played out or not. Well, I buy bags that I love and try not to base my purchases on the current trends. I did buy this bag due to all the raves on this board, but besides this board, I don't think I have ever seen anyone wear this bag irl. I have seen a few woman sporting Gustto bags but not the Baca. So in my case, I could care less if it's "hot" or not. In fact, if ever other woman was wearing it, I would not want to wear it.
  10. Love the Baca. One of my favorite bags. Will wear mine until it dies.....
  11. Gustto leather is so delicious and I don't think the bag is high-profile enough to become dated (at least as a casual bag)! However, I found the Baca to be an awkward fit on my shoulder. That was disappointing too since I *really* like the Baca look! Could just be my body though. :shrugs:
  12. I like the Baca. They are part of my collection. My reason for the baca as shown in your pic is the roomy space. It also appears like a hobo which is my favorite syle.
  13. While shopping last weekend I saw two women, one with a brown and one with a black Baca, shopping together and thought they looked cute. It's not a super common bag so it doesn't look played out.
  14. I like it but, as someone above said, the lining keeps me from seriously considering it. I just don't like the lining at all.
  15. I love my Bacas! I'm the odd duck too, who likes the lining simply because it's so easy to find things in them. The Yellow Ghetto look makes it pretty simple to find stuff quickly. :tup: