Do you still keep coming back to your speedy????

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  1. Just pondering over LV classics... I noticed that even if Im a huge fan of the latest trendiest LV purses that comes out every now and then I still keep coming back to my ever reliable classic speedy 35 in mono... I do not know why but... ok so like my galliera that's w/ me for a week now, I recently kept her for the mean time because of the vachetta issue( the brass hardware that holds the purse leaves off black marks) is it just me?? or there are other Tpf'ers here that has the same issues?? :crybaby:
  2. YES! More so i keep coming back to my mini lin. I just love that it is a no worries bag. I' now thinking of getting it in the dune, currently have ebene.
  3. yep, my Damier 25 is the bag I'll always come back to. Over the past 6 months, I developed quite a large collection, but then sold everything but a few pieces. My Damier Speedy 25 is my only LV bag left...although I'd like to eventually get a Cerises!
  4. I am constantly going back to my Speedies. I can't help it! I love the damier Speedy whenever there's yucky weather outside and it's so easy to just throw everything in there! I'm loving my azur Speedy 'cause it feels like Spring and every now and then I pull out my mono Speedy just cause. Speedies are fabulous no matter what new bag I have. I will always be loyal to them! :yes:
  5. Oh yes. Mono speedy was my first. After I bought my second LV, I thought that I wouldn't use my speedy nearly as much. I was definitely wrong on that!
  6. Yes, I will carry another bag for a day or two but tend to miss the speedy so I always switch back!
  7. hmm.. seems like alot on speedies.
  8. yes, my ultimate go to bag when i feel like i can't match anything else ;)
  9. This is why I haven't even strayed from Speedys much... I will have 5 Speedys soon! They just look great with everything, can look conservative or trendy, dressy or casual, and they will never go out of style.
  10. I love speedies. I only have two, but I know I will have more in the future!
  11. My Mono Speedy 30 will always be my go to bag. It was my first LV and still one of my favorites.
  12. i'm the same way!!!!!! i can't help it~
  13. Yep! I always come back to my mono and damier Speedies. They're the best bag ever IMO!
  14. I love my speedy's
  15. me too