Do you still have your childhood purses?

  1. I still have a few of my childhood purses. They're stored with some other things from my early days but I take a look a them from time to time and walk down memory lane. I had a Winnie the Pooh barrel bag that I used to carry to Sunday School along with my childrens Bible. I also had a little vinyl purse my parents bought for me on my first trip to Disney World when I was 5. I think it still has crayon marks in it. Glad it's vinyl! :smile: Those are just a few that I can remember. What were your childhood purses and do you still have them? Did you pass them on to your daughter(s)?
  2. I can't really remember my childhood purses, so needless to say I won't be passing them along. :smile:
  3. sadly, nope. although i have a lot of hello kitty and my melody purses. does that count???
  4. i don't think i had purses when i was little, maybe kid's backpacks. But I have LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG since sold my abercrombie purse and my puma vinyl sport purse from the i'm-20-in-university-and-broke-but-want-you-to-see-my-brand purses LOL!!!
  5. I have passed on my purse to my little one,
    I had it put away in a keepsake box with my old things,
    or it would have never made it.:girlsigh:
    Here it is an original Cabbage patch kids purse with matching wallet.
  6. I had two purses as a kid. I got it when I was 8 and it was a white faux leather one with a green strap. My mom paid $10 at the grocery store, which was a lot for her back then. The other one was a navy blue mini-backpack when they were all the rage. I no longer have either and still smile at the purses that I thought were so fashionable.
  7. I have one small leather backpack my grandma gave me. It's still next to my other stuff in my closet. :tender:
  8. Aw. That's such a great idea. I'm going to look around to see if I still have any hiding around.
  9. OhmiGod!!! I had this purse!!! I had totally forgotten all about it until I just saw your picture!! Wow, that brought back memories! I'm a total packrat, so I'm gonna go hunting!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!:smile:
  10. I don't think I carried any bags when I was a child, but I still got some silly ones from my teenager days. Here is my duck messenger (looks like Pekkle from the Sanrio collection), also convertible into a backpack. The writing says "luxury duck" in Chinese phonetic spelling.
  11. I don't think I have any of mine from when I was little, but I do have some old purses from high school that are from Aeropostale and things of the sort. Yikes!
  12. What a cute thread !!
    I have my brownie purse, from the Girl Scout collection, and it's over 30 years old.....I came across it the other day, all stiff, but otherwise in good she is.....circa 1974...:tender:
  13. This is fun reading about and seeing your bags. Oh, and yes, Hello Kitty counts. I had a Hello Kitty makeup bag. I could only wear clear gloss and blush so that's all I had in it. lol Keep em coming. Its fun to remember who you were and how much you've grown. Although, I don't think I ever grew up. Married, grown and making my own money - but I still think I'm Daddy's Little Girl.
  14. The closest thing I have to a childhood purse is a cosmetics case I got for Christmas from my then boyfriend's mom at age 16. However, I do have a lot of other childhood items. I have a stuffed Kermit the Frog from when I was 18 months old! My underdeveloped tongue didn't allow me to pronounce Kermit the Frog, so I used to just call him "Mit Frog". I also have a really neat toy car from around that time. The car is made of metal and you rev it up, hit a button, and it takes off across the floor. I have also have some dolls from my childhood too. However, good old "Mit Frog" is my favorite childhood item.
  15. Oh my gosh I had this purse and wallet im sure its still in my parents basement for sure!talk about pack rats!!! Also I had those jordache purses that were like little leather Saks that you could where across your chest I had one in purple and green the strap looked like a long shoelace. I also had the same kind of bag but it said thriller on it (micheal jackson) scary!! not to mention I had a wooden handle holly hobby purse that you could reverse. im sure ALL of this is still in my parents basement still, a major fire hazard waiting to happen that basement!!