Do you still carry....


What should Lisa do?

  1. Yes, get a bag! DH doesn't know what he is talking about!

  2. What? Are you crazy?! Spend that money on other items.

  3. Get a cheaper/clearance bag like a Swingpack and then spend the rest throughout the store.

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  1. For those that are hopelessly addicted to LV. Do you still carry your other bags? I received a gift card from work for Macy's and was planning on getting a new Coach bag. As soon as DH discovered my plan, however, he lectured me on how I shouldn't buy it because I won't bother to wear it anyways and that it would be a waste of money. I do have an armoire full of Coach bags that I don't wear but was hoping that getting an all leather one would make a difference. I suspect it might be because I am just dying for a soft leather bag and the Mahina XL is out of the budget at this point.

    Should I just spend the gift card ($750) on other items? Is DH right and I am just buying a bag for no reason? What would you do?
  2. I think your DH is right... you probably won't use the Coach bag much. But... there are a few Macys that carry LV! Not sure which ones but I am pretty sure the NYC flagship store, maybe Chicago, and elsewhere. Put that gift card to use towards some LV!!!
  3. Are you serious?! :wtf: I had no idea. I have family in Chicago. :graucho: OMG I need to call them. Anyone know of a specific Macy's that carries LV? Would the gift card apply? That would mean the is an Epi piece in my future.... or Vernis... oh my. :angel:
  4. ^ooohh good idea.. def use it towards an LV at Macy's.... def DO NOT buy the Coach... there is no way you will use it... I vote it is a waste of $... hope this helps!
  5. I often use my non-LV leather bags! If I didn't, I'd miss all that smooshy leather. I think you should get the Coach - just make sure it's leather and not canvas, otherwise you'll always be reaching for the LV!
  6. U should buy a diff designer bag.
  7. Defintely see if a Macy's store has a LV Boutique!!!

    Is there any other brand of handbag other than LV? (Well, maybe a Hermes Birkin one day if I'm REALLY lucky!):drool:
  8. Totally agree!!!!
  9. The Macy's in NYC has a LV in it - you can also check out the website and see what other stores are listed as being in a Macy's.
  10. I'm pretty sure that the MACY*S in NYC is the only one that carries Vuitton. I'm not even sure if Louis Vuitton will accept Macys giftcards. Louis Vuittton stores inside Neiman Marcus don't accept Neimans giftcards
  11. LV boutiques inside of Saks do accept Saks gift cards... I think this has been discussed in other threads, too. I personally have not purchased from an LV inside Macys so I don't know for sure if they accept Macys gift cards... just call 866 and ask them which Macys have LV and if they take the gift cards. Let us know what you find out!
  12. I don't know what has got into me but I rarely wear my other designer bags. Something about seeing that LV sitting on the shelf all alone......

    The Macy's in my area really don't have that many bags. And Coach was the original crack for me I can't see getting a different designer (unless it's a Chloe Paddy!)

    Oh Hermes :girlsigh:.

    So I called Macy' and then a Macy's store in my area and both advised me that Macy's does not offer a LV boutique or carry Louis Vuitton. Obviously they don't know what they are talking about since so many of you have said that the flagship does.... I suspect even if I went to NYC that they would not let me use the gift card in the boutique so that idea is out the window. :crybaby:
  13. The Minneapolis (MN) downtown MACYs carries LV and they also take Macy's gift cards as well! You can look it up on the LV website for a Phone#, its located on Nicollet Mall.
  14. I have a feeling it may be as well... DH really opened my eyes.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I wish I lived closer to that coast!

    Hmm I didn't even think about calling 866! Thanks for the suggestion. Clearly calling Macy's was the wrong thing to do.
  15. ^^Yea, BacardiGirl to the rescue! Lisa, just figure out what you want, call them and place a phone order! You will have your new LV within days!