Do you still buy even if there's NO return policy?

  1. Even if you're sure an item is authentic, do you still buy if there's no return policy?

    Everytime I see "All sales final" I am completely turned off, even if the item looks good and the price is great!

    I see a couple now, and it kills me to let these deals go!
  2. I'll bid if I really want the item. I think it's a mistake for people to view eBay as if it were a retail store that guarantees satisfaction. I bid on an auction knowing I'm taking a risk buying something without seeing it in person. It helps to minimize the risk by researching what you are buying so you know what to expect and how to avoid being scammed.
  3. I'm ok with this as long as I can tell it is authentic. I haven't bid on eBay for high priced items but I wouldn't rule it out. There's always the possibility to report the transaction to your CC company IF the item ends up not being real or the seller pulls a bait-and-switch.
  4. I haven't in the past, but there are a couple items I have been watching that look authentic, but don't offer a return policy.

    I guess I would have to be completely certain that I would be happy with the purchase.
  5. I don't let a "no returns" policy deter me. If the item is a counterfeit, I know I can get my money back (I always pay with Amex, not existing paypal funds). If the item just doesn't work for me, then I turn around and resell it myself.

    The only time I stay away is if the seller only takes money orders. I avoid those sellers like the plague for big ticket items.
  6. Off topic, I LOVEEEE the way you did your wishlist!!
  7. OHH, reselling, why didn't IIII think of that? I just thought about how SAD/ANGRY I would be if it didn't turn out right.
  8. I don't worry about a return policy. Ask lots of questions to make sure you know what you are getting. If it arrives significantly not as described or (the horror the horror) inauthentic, you have recourse with Paypal.
  9. You also have to look at it from the seller's point of view. They have to pay listing fee's , selling fee's, paypal fee's, and if the buyer wants there money back for some trivial reason they loose that money, and they wont get it back. Usually if I see that someone doesnt have a return policy, I email them, and they usually assure me that they will accept returns on certain conditions. Hope this helps. Classy
  10. Now I don't want to offer a return policy for my item! I didn't realize that if my item sells, the fees will be around $30. That's a lot.
  11. I am fine with it as long as they have good FB. I agree, I don't think that it is fair to think bad if there is no offer of a refund. Most people on eBay are just that, people, not is like one big worldwide garage sale. I certainly would not expect a refund if I purchased something at a garage sale!

    Now in the event that something is SNAD and you file a dispute, then yes, a refund is due.
  12. Would it make sense if I put :
    "Returns: As this item is 100% authentic, and due to costly listing fees, all sales are final. Please contact me if you have any concerns. "

    and ALSO do the security tag thing? (incase they want to return because if its authenticity.

    I'm thinking too much that I'm just confusing myself!
  13. If i really like the item and had authenticated,yes. I usually apply the all sales final as well in my auctions. That is why I suggest that people ask questions, have authenticated etc..:smile:
  14. As a buyer, it doesn't bother me as long as I make sure to ask questions and make sure the item is authentic. As a seller, I don't usually allow returns and make sure buyers understand this and ask any questions, and that if they have a problem with the item, to please contact me.
  15. I think a no return policy is fine. When I sell, I do that because I've disclosed the flaws, if they are present and honestly, I'm not a retail store. I don't want to deal w/ a person that changes their mind. I'm selling b/c I need to get rid of the item. Unless the item is not authentic, which they are, or there was a mishap in delivery that was the delivery co's fault, I would not take a return. I just say "no returns, please, all sales final" on my listings, but also guarantee authenticity and provide where I got the item and refer them here for further confirmation.