Do you stick to LV because you're scared for your bank account?

  1. I am!!

    I've been interested in this lovely lovely silver Gucci Princy tote but I was horrified when I realized how much more money I'd be spending if I "diversed" my collection into other brands!

    I saw some really nice bags from other brands in Hong Kong (Dior, Gucci, Prada, etc) but I had to resist because I didn't want to start buying bags from those brands. It would keep pushing and pushing my LV list down!!

    I know a lot of ladies here in the LV forum own a variety of brands, but does anyone else feel the same way as me??
  2. Karman, I almost went over to the Fendi side but went looking at a Spy & tried it on- too big for me or I'm too small for it or something. I was happy to go back to my LV!
  3. I also have gucci, tods, and prada bags but they just sit in the closet most of the time. For some strange reason, I keep going back to LV. Its really not the price. Theres something about LV I cant explain. LV rocks!:wlae:
  4. Honestly, not really. I have a couple of other brands of designer bags but besides Chanel, the others really don't do it for me.
  5. hmmm... nah, not really for me
    I stick to LV cuz I LoVe it more than any other brand. I still buy Moschino stuff cuz I love its quirkiness, but it's not exactly a cheap brand either. Just a few of my OWN reasons why I don't like the following major luxury brands:
    Chanel: I think they're kinda loud despite how most people think LV is looks louder..., besides, I think Chanel should stick to RTW and perfumes more than bags
    Hermes: can't afford it yet, duh... lol but I WILL be getting one in 4 years once I graduate
    Gucci: too bling bling for me and I don't like the somewhat new girl, but I do like their shoes more than LVs
    Fendi: Oooh.. well I do like their B-bags, but not any of their other things. I need to love quite a lot of things in order to say that I love a certain brand as a whole kwim
    Dior: I love John Galliano's creativity for the haute couture stuff, he's so amazing, but not really THAT interested in other things besides this anymore
    Prada: my mom likes it... so i don't... LOL!
    Dolce & Gabbana: umm... I'm an anti-Versace type of person... plus I don't like their new highly sexual ads (or was that for D&G???.......blah same thing) and I don't like how they have those LV-wannabe-inventeur logo plates...
    yup... that's it.
  6. I might branch out after I finish with my LV essentials (which might take some time lol). Somehow LV just seems more attractive now :yes:.
  7.'s really hard to resist other brands once you have an eye (or eyes? heh) on them...

    I am always going back and forth between Gucci and LV and dior accessories......I want to buy other brands say fendi / marc jacob...but i have to restrict myself or else i will have a droughty bank account:tdown:

    Don't feel bad....i can so related this..........................from now on till the end of this year, I am telling myself that I will only love Mr. Louis with all my heart and soul :p
  8. LV is my first "high designer" bag choice. I like some of the Chanel designs, but I would so incensed to get something and then it go on sale. (it would happen to me)!!
    There are so many LV bags that I want so I don't think I will need to stray for my "fix"!:rolleyes:
  9. Truthfully, I would drop a ton of LV bags for a Hermes Birkin.

    The Birkin is my favorite bag to carry, my aunt let me borrow hers for a week and I fell in love.

    When I grow up and can earn more money, I will be taking a break from LV.

  10. I am branching out to Gucci and Prada these days. However, I know I will always come back to LV when something comes out that draw my attention again. And Yes, I agree, braching out to other brands is not good for my bank account.
  11. I think about branching out...and then exactly what you said Karman...I think "Hmmm 1K on this Balenciaga or buy the next thing on my LV list"!
    Maybe once I'm completely 'caught up' on LV then I will start diverging into other brands to get my fix...or I'll just continue to be lovingly referred to as the 'LV Freak' by friends and family LOL
  12. i do! i was tempted numerous times to jump over the fence and get myself a chanel and gucci, but in the end would realize that if i give in, there's a good chance that i might miss out on an LV LE as there is no way i can afford everything that i want at the moment!
  13. The ONLY other luxury brand I like is Bottega Veneta. None of the others tempt me, at all.

    I own only one BV bag (plus accessories), which I :heart: adore :heart: , and which cost more than any of my LVs. It may end up being my only Bottega Veneta, but damn I love it to pieces.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. i get what you mean, its nice to dabble with other brands - especially when they go on sale :graucho: but LV should always come first :yes:
  15. karman, that's what i tried to do...but im always tempted to try out other brands..i have LV and coach...and recently some gucci LOL...

    btw, the silver princy (boston?) is on sale on :graucho::graucho::graucho: