Do you stay true to particular brands?

  1. Do yall have particular brands yall stay true to and tend to buy repeatedly? For example, I love Linea Pelle, their quality, the shape of their bags, they are nice to run around with for day time use and not worry about getting banged up and while I only have one Michelle Vale bag, I will most likely buy another depending on how her spring collection looks. I want to find a nice structured bag to be used for day or night but I haven't found one I like yet because its hard to know the quality of a bag even if someone tells you its great. You kind of have to have your own experiences with the bags and these are the ones I have experiences with so I feel like I tend to look for them more. It kind of looks the same with people and their Rebecca Minkoff bags. I keep reading about peoples purchases of Rebecca Minkoffs and many of yall have more than one.
  2. I don't stay true to one brand. I do have my favorites like gucci, chanel, and LV. I have more than one of these but I'm open to other brands.
  3. I find it harder to be more open to all brands because I don't know what it looks/feels like in real life. I purchase most of my handbags on line b/c I get better discounts and deals it seems, that and I can get it in exactly the color I want most times since the selection is larger.
  4. I used to be a brand whore and would never have more than one of any brand. BUT I've stumbled onto ones now where I love the bags so much that I absolutely have to have another. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Hayden-Harnett did it to me. And I only have one Rebecca Minkoff, but wouldn't hesitate to buy another (funds permitting).
  5. I will stay true to the brands that stay consistant w/ fabulous styles & colors. I hope designers don't purely rely on their name and bank on their loyal customers sticking with them if they suck!
  6. I have favorites, and cautiously move towards others. But it is like my watches, once I have three of the same name, I tend to move forward to another.
  7. I love TANO, LP, and HH but am open to all brands. Just depends on whether the bag, and how much I like it.
  8. I usually stick to the same names (right now mostly MJ, MBMJ, LV, Coach) because of quality & style not just because of the name. I am open to new ones though and check out others all the time.
  9. i m open to anything but love lv and coach. next might b mj or kors. i feel i haev enoguh coach...
  10. I'm loyal to LT and TODS, I love the Madison Avenue stores and staff so I just stick with those too, shoes too.
  11. Oh no, I don't mean I stick to certain ones just b/c of the name but b/c of the quality. Like with LP I know I can put it thru the wringer and it will still look great. I have a Dylan Bowler, Lola Shoulder Tote, and Angie Clutch and all of them still look superb after all my abuse and the same goes with the Michelle Vale. I don't know how the other handbags hold up with the type abuse I dish out on my handbags so I tend to stay within certain brands.
  12. I definitely have favorites but I am very very OPEN to other indie-ish brands. I've actually bought 2 bags on etsy as well as an own belt which I love. Also I really try to spread out my tastes but certain brands like RM hold an appeal to me. I have low end from tano to high end to LV. In the mix is HH, RM, Lumi, Gryson, JY, etc. I love trying new designers and am definitely not a name whore (sticking to one name only).
  13. I've just recently started really branching out (and actually just recently have become a true handbag fanatic!) so the one brand that I have consistently gone back to is botkier but I have a lot of newer additions to my collection that could very easily become my go-to brands. Like Rebecca Minkoff, Jenny Yuen, maybe Hayden Harnett. And a couple of others that I love but don't know if I would buy more than 1 more of at this point - Tano, begeren.
  14. I'm pretty loyal to Balenciaga... I will buy the bbag that I want over any other bag. But if it just so happens that I can buy the bbag AND the other bag, or there isn't a bal that i want at the time, i'll buy something else.
  15. I don't intentionally stick to one particular brand - in other words, I won't buy a bag just because it's a particular brand, nor will I avoid buying a bag just because it's a particular brand - but I do have my favorites. I'm also not the type to buy the same bag in various colors, so I guess the point is, I like variety!