do you spray your GROOM items?

  1. The search option isn't working for me, so please forgive me if this has been asked before but what can I spray my cles with so the silk screen isn't ruined?
  2. I would suggest never spraying or treating your silk-screened items. That will more than likely ruin the printing and it will come off for sure. There isn't any recommended treatment for items like that (Cerises, MC, Panda, etc.)
  3. Hmmm I sure did spray both my groom agenda & cles & my cerises but it was lightly done with Shining Monkey.
  4. I semm to remember that someone posted that one should NOT treat canvas, because it may make it tear, crack or fall off easier. It's not leather, so it should definetly not be treated with a leather conditioner!
  5. shoot! I'm so worried to use my cles now!
  6. As others have said, don't spray....sprays are meant for leather not canvas. Don't be worried, with some simple care your groom will be fine.
  7. I use my groom items almost everyday for the past 4 months and after close observation, nothing has changed so far.

    The only thing I've always done is never letting the prints rub againsts harsh surfaces. Keep em in compartments in your bags, away from other stuffs and they stay comfy. Avoid poppin' it in pants/jeans pockets.

    Hope this helps!
  8. I have had my agenda for six months and nothing has changed.
  9. ^^oh thats good news! thanks all!
  10. Yup, I use my Groom wallets all the time and they're still perfect.
  11. i just purchased a cerise cles and a cb pap (yay!) and i really want to buy a spray for them! i already see a little of the canvas showing through in dots and i don't want it to worsen! i know that is part of use, but i would love to slow it down!