Do you spray protection on your suede shoes/boots?

  1. When you buy a new pair of suede shoes of any kind, (pumps, boots, Uggs,etc) do you spray waterproof protection on them to keep them clean and from absorbing water in wet weather?
  2. it depends to the style of what shoes I had... but putting some spray/cream etc.. protection is not bad... it always makes the shoes looks new and protection from the dust...
  3. I spray all suede & leather shoes. It helps maintain the color, protect them from water and dirt and with Uggs, it prevents staining.
    I spray all leather items including jackets, handbags etc.
    I also spray pony hair pumps with the same suede spray. My SA at Nordy's said it helps protect the hair and keeps it laying flat.
  4. I spray my Uggs with the Ugg protector stuff. Mine have held up really well and still aren't stained even though I'm pretty rough on them. I also sprayed my suede Stuart Weitzman pumps. I recommend it.
  5. I don't have any suede shoes or boots except I have a few pairs of uggs, and I just sprayed them for the first time yesterday. I don't know if it will make much of a difference. They look fine without the spray so far.
  6. I spray my uggs, they really help.
  7. yes. my mom sprayed all our ugg boots. they've been pretty good.
  8. Last year I bought some lovely suede boots but didn't buy this suede protector cream in a tin that the woman at the shop offered along with the purchase. And of course I wanted to wear my boots straightaway in the snow and rain. And now they look terrible (but I still wear them in defiance on rainy days!!).

    I have since got a gift of new suede shoes and before wearing them I took precautions!! I always learn the hard way :biggrin:

    I saw this good article about how to care for your suede shoes or boots. Have a look.

    Caring for Your Suede Boots

    Good luck suedettes!

  9. Hi,

    I live in England so really I feel the need to prepare for unexpected wet weather lol. We had the most amazing sunny weekend (typical because I was at work) and then along came a lovely rainy dull Monday :biggrin:

    Anyway yes I spray pretty much anything that I think can't handle the weather and that are going to be worn a lot, so my flat shoes and my boots. My heels I don't really spray unless I'm wearing them quite a lot or I'm worried about ruining them. Always do a patch test first though :smile: i did actually spray a pair of Suede armani flats the other day.
  10. I have my cobbler do all my shoes, boots, and handbags for the season
  11. i always keep several cans of apple garde on hand for all-purpose protection of nappa, suede, exotics and satin. i spray once when i first wear them and repeat at the beginning of each subsequent season (with cleanings at the ends of seasons)
  12. I always spray my suede boots! I do it at the beginning of the season and usually touch them up half way through.
  13. What brand do you guys use? lvpiggy said that she uses apple garde, would you guys recommend that too?
  14. ^^That's what I use.
  15. I have a pair of suede shoes that I did not spray, wore, and got dirty. Think I can get them cleaned and sprayed?