Do you spray protectants on your Chloe Suede?

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  1. I'm getting a preowned Chloe Faye WOC soon! Woohoo!!! I wanted to protect the suede somehow but was wondering if any of you recommend spraying a water-resistant protector on it? If so, which one do you ladies recommend?

    Also, I've seen tutorials online on how to remove stains and such from suede, has anyone had any luck remove suede stains? I don't think there's any on the bag I bought personally (if so I didn't see them in the pics) but just in case anything happens it'd be good to know! :smile:
  2. I used Collonil carbon pro on my Chloes that have some suede (Faye woc....Pixies in various sizes....and mini Marcie that is all suede). Actually, l pretty much use that on all my bags (with the exception of the velvet ones).

    All the bags I've mentioned have worn well without any issues. Fortunately, the suede is only on the front for most ....which helps avoid transfer issues...and the all suede one is a dark navy.

    I was initally most concerned with my medium pixie given the color....but I've worn that the most of the bunch, and it still looks perfect
    Farfetch reference pic

    Once, you get stains, it can be hard to remove them even with the appropriate best to pretreat and to avoid issues.
  3. Thank you for the awesome response!!! The bag I'm getting is the Faye WOC in black! :love: I was wondering about stains because the listing mentioned there were some but I didn't really notice any in the pictures! If there turns out to be some noticeable ones I'll probably just test some methods on older suede booties or my suede coach bag.

    Thank you again dear! :smile:
  4. I use a similar item from Collonil. I use the Collonil Unisex Waterstop Spray. I have used it on my Small Faye bag (only flap is suede), my nano Hayley (entire bag is suede except for strap), and on my Chloe Susanna boots (all suede) with no issues. It will slightly change the texture of the suede but it won't look any different. I am fine with the slight texture change as the Collonil prevents water damage (rain droplets, etc) and helps to prevent items from getting dirty and scratched. I have also used this on various other non-Chloe items (shoes and bags) and have never had an issue with it on anything.
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