Do you spend r/o

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  1. as much money on handbags as you do/would on clothes?? I would never buy a $1500 piece of clothing but would spend that on a bag. Just wondering
  2. yup, same here, i don't spend much on my clothes, the most expensive piece of clothing i have is my juicy couture hoody that's lined with rabbit fur, and that cost me 400. but i have one pair of expensive boots from gucci - 650. everything else i wear is 250 or less... mostly jeans, those cost me a lot! i pretty much live in jeans and juicy track suits. they just fit me really well. otherwise for work, i couldn't care less. all my work pants are from old navy! because nothin else fits me right... and it's work. who cares.
  3. I spend equally I love to shop :smile:
  4. I spend more on bags than on clothing. Don't get me wrong, I don't buy cheap clothes lol, but I buy bags in quantity :biggrin:
  5. well first, i have a question...what is 'r/o'? i've seen it a few times and i can't figure it out :sad:

    and second, i spend way more on bags than anything else. the shoes i wear a lot right now are dark brown sperry topsiders that i got for like $50. hey, i live in a college town, those are like the height of fashion here, plus they're way versatile and comfortable.

    i actually don't wear any jeans, i dislocated my knee last august and the brace i had to wear was too bulky for jeans, so it was either skirts or shorts, and shorts are a tad redneck, IMO. i got so used to wearing a skirt every day that i never went back, and now jeans feel super uncomfortable whenever i but them on. so i buy a lot of skirts, but most of them are from the gap or jcrew or something - nothing high end, i live in a really casual place. most of my tops are either ralph lauren polos and sweaters or tanks from old navy for summer (i don't care what anyone says, i've tried every tank top out their, they make the best ones).
  6. I have lovely clothes and shoes BUT my bags are the bags of a Diva!! I just love my handbags!!!!:love:
  7. I think it's because you can use the bag more than clothing.. I don't think I ever wear my clothes two straight days in a row.. but you always can use the same bag everyday.. So in the long run.. it's the same investment.. :smile:
  8. True True Wellow, I think also that you can get nice clothes for truly reasonable prices at tons of places. A top handbag from a top designer or design house will and ought to cost you, and you will have it forever. Fayden, I love that rabbit-lined hoody--Kudos! r/o means read on. I love when people respond to my threads--Lovely!
  9. well i spend the same amount of money on clothes and bags coz my dads paying but i prefer spending more on a bag!
  10. Definitely more on bags and shoes! My everyday clothes are pretty blah because of work (is it cliched to wear mostly black?), so I go fun with my accessories....oh, and coats! I love coats!
  11. All I can say is that I have way too much clothes than I can wear. I have a terrible habit of buying the shoes and jeans I love or anything when I think about it in doubles! I have tags on a ton ... never worn. I give most of that away to the salvation army twice a year. I have recently realised how much $$$ is wasted on doubling up. Does anyone do that here?
  12. i always want to get at least two of something i really like. i want to get at least one more pair of sperrys because they come in so many cute colors and you can wear them year-round. i have about a million of those old navy tank tops i was talking about. the extra-long ribbed ones. at least one of every color i like and 4 or 5 white ones. i have tags on bunches of things, too, which astonishes my boyfriend. he never had any sisters, so he finds the behavior quite strange.
  13. couldn't agree more! and u can't get me out of black :biggrin:
  14. i spend the most on handbags, then shoes. i don't spend much on clothing, i usually wear ralph lauren. i do have some expensive clothing, a ralph lauren blazer, a burberry jacket or this prada t-shirt that cost me like $200. but those 3 things are exceptions, i usually don't spend more than $250 on a piece of clothing. not that thats nothing, but i would never buy a $1000 jacket, sweatshirt or whatever.
  15. I definately spend more on bags. Thankfully I wear a uniform to work so it leaves alot of $ for bags bags bags!:love: