Do you speak another language?

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  1. Hablas Espanol? Or any other language? :P I'm fluent in Spanish, my family is from Cuba. I think it's a huge asset, especially here in Florida. It looks great on my resume, and since my grandparents don't speak English that well, it's much easier to communicate with them and my family who has come to the United States recently from Cuba. I've tried teaching the bf a few sentences, but all he seems to remember is cerveza and "Donde esta la biblioteca?" from high school :lol:

    I'd love to learn German and French. Besides English, what languages do you speak, and how often? :biggrin:
  2. Yes, I speak Russian all the time to my granny!
  3. WOWOWOWOW, I was layignin bed last night after I put my laptop to rest and thought I was going to start this thread tomorrow.

    I speak Russian and Starbucksian!
  4. Cool :biggrin: Russian would be interesting to learn, too.
  5. I am German so that's my native tongue and I speak Spanish, Franch and English as you already noticed;). I was growing up on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands so I understand Dutch. Here everybody has to learn at least one foreign language mostly English. With 18 I lived as an exchange student in Costa Rica so there i learned spanish and improved my English because a lot of my friends were Aussies.
  6. Sorry for 2 posts.
    English is my every day language because i work for an American company.
  7. Same here! :lol:
  8. I used to!:lol:

    Seriously though, when I was 16 I pulled A* (A+) grades in my French and Spanish GCSE's (exam you take in UK). Now I'm 21 and can barely remember a word. Its sad - I wish I'd made more of an effort to keep it up.:sad:
  9. Woohoo :nuts: I love my grandmother's Cuban cooking, she makes the best arroz con leche and flan :love:

    Tanja - Wow, four languages! That's great. Did you learn to speak them when you were young? I've heard that it's easier to learn another language when you're younger. My grandmother taught me Spanish when she watched after me after my mom went back to work. I don't have to think about switching between English and Spanish, it just kinda happens :biggrin:
  10. J'ai un peu du Français. I aced it in high school and have visited France twice. I took a course in French last year to brush up on my skills and was surprised at how much I remembered.

    I also studied Japanese but not enough to remember much two years later. It helped on my trip to Japan in 2003 though.
  11. i'm conversational in spanish and speak very little german (i apologize to anyone here that speaks german natively, but your freakin grammatical structure was created by drunk monkeys, which is why i don't speak more).

    i used to be fluent in spanish, but i haven't used it in a while.
  12. My native language is Swedish.. Then I speak English (obviously), German, Danish and Italian as well. Though my Italian isn't great, I'm not fluent by any means..

    LV has inspired me to learn french! And I want to learn spanish too, since I think that will be great to know working in my field in the US.
  13. Hellooo there! I speak Hungarian and Italian, Finnish and of course English. I tried to learn Japanese but it proved to be too much for me :shame:. My mom is Hungarian and my dad is Italian, so I learned both languages at the same time. When I was a kid we moved to Finland for 3 yrs and that's why I picked up also Finnish. And English.. well... English is too useful and practical not to know!
  14. I'd LOVE to learn Japanese.. and one of the chinese dialects as well..
  15. Finnish is freaking hard! It's nothing like Danish, Swedish or Norweigian!! Strange since they're so close geographicly..