Do you sometimes think it's too much ?

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  1. I wonder if I'm the only one.
    I am a sahm with 3 kids, two older girls and one cutypie of 10 months. I do have a lot of stuff to do but for some time now have spend hours in this forum and hunting down b-bags.
    Sometimes I get to feel guilty, there are so much more important things I could do with my time, but I really love to hang out here it's great recreational time but maybe just a little too much, I kind of got addicted to this forum as I got addicted to these lovely bags, anyone can relate?
  2. catcat,
    I can definately relate I love this forum since I've discovered it the people especially my friends here at the balenciaga forum but I'll admit like you i've become very much addicted...I have to be one here at least once a day!!you're not alone:lol:
  3. Me too!! Not only am I guilty at home but also at work:lecture: ...been clicking at TPF fave threads are LV, Balenciaga and handbags and purses.

    This forum is where I get my inspiration:smile:
  4. you are not alone at all, i am addicted 100% to the forum and the BBags, sometimes i prefer to be in the forum instead to go out:Push:
  5. Totes. My very loving, understanding BF thinks I am crazy. Even if he does appreciate the occasional Bbag :crybaby:
  6. I have a 9 month old also and do feel guilty sometimes that I spend so much time online on bthis forum and then on ebay looking at bags - both at home and work - rather than being productive. It's an obsession that needs to be curbed, I think. Also, I am spending so much money on bags now when I should really be thinking about Christmas presents, etc.
  7. oh me too, i don't have kids yet, but my hubby... well he just thinks i'm weird that i keep comming on here. I have explained to him as well that there are AMAZING ladies here that just love what I love... also i learn so much too. Yes, i get the "weird look" from him all the time, hahaha. At first he was like, a forum? what forum?... "purse.. forum"... hahaha... but now he just doesn't ask!!
  8. But the bags you bought are your "advance Xmas presents" to yourself for being a good wife and mother:sweatdrop:.....(thats how I reduce my guilt:P)
  9. That's a thought...but how many presents can you buy for yourself ?:P :shame:
  10. i belong to a diamond forum and have been on there for 4 years (since researching engagement rings and subsequently getting addicted to diamonds!) the whole online forum thing is nothing new to my husband...he already thinks i'm wacko! :P

    i like reading him some of the threads here, so that he doesn't think *I* am the only person out there who is addicted...hahaa. the other day he asked me 'what happened to diamonds??' when i was talking about b-bags and i said...'oh honey i can do BOTH'. poor man! :love: i figure do what makes you happy and as long as you are not spending yourself into the poorhouse or taking from the kids college fund and it's within 'means' then make yourself happy. you only live once!
  11. Me, too!I'm here every day! I usually work from home on Mondays....and spend rather too much time on here then!
    And it's funny how 'a quick look' at tPF can turn into hours....:P
  12. I am the very same way! I am ALWAYS logged on so I can look real fast. I do feel guilty because I could be spending quality time with my husband or like some of ya'll have said going out and living my life. I have tried relly hard to balance the time on here with other things. I hope I am doing better but I hate to think of what I'm missing on here when I'm away!!!! I love this forum and BBags!
  13. I love being on the PF also and usually log on each day. I have learned so much about bbags here which has been wonderful and although I'm a little introverted, I really like the sense of community here. My husband likes to surf the net so he doesn't care that I'm here. I give him updates periodically on the world of bags. Yes, he knows about the Limited Edition gold leather gold hardware Balenciaga Bag. I feel happy ;) being able to help him expand his horizons.
  14. I have a somewhat "reversed" view of the situation.... before I developed this fondness for b-bags and TPF, I used to go out all the time and get annoyed when BF starts watching endless sports on telly, etc. I think my b-bag obsession has actually help calm me down a bit!! I go out less (read: drink less, spend less = ok to buy more bags) and it also helps me relax when I get home from work after a stressful I happily browse for hours, while dear BF happily watches telly uninterrupted for hours ... :jammin:

    Of course, like everything else, I guess moderation and some minor discipline is the key ...

  15. SOO true, hahaha.... he'd be like okay i'm watchin sports now, than i will be i'll be on the computer than... hahah!!