Do you sometimes regret spending all your money on an LV instead of jewelry?

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  1. #106 Dec 16, 2010
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    that is a real good thought.
    Yes you are right.sometimes we schould sway off and enjoy something other than lv.silly, but i had been wanting to buy a specific type of bangle for ages and ages, maybe i should just try and get that nxt. instead of stalking the lv website. with my complete addiction on lv i sometimes forget other things i like too. what i am trying to say is, dont know if that is good or wrong but we can only enjoy so much lv in one day and sometimes less is more.
  2. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. hmm...i never really gave this much thought before. i can't say that i feel particularly guilty over buying lv over jewelry since i generally wear the same jewelry items each day (wedding and engagement rings, movado watch, tiffany cuff, white gold & diamond earrings--they were my grandmother's :smile:) i own some pricey jewelry that i really should wear more often, but find that i only pull them out on certain occasions. BUT i do use a bag of some sort every single day. so in terms of an investment, i definitely get more of my money's worth from my bags than i do my jewelry (unless of course it becomes something that is worn on almost a daily basis).

    just my two cents ;)
  4. A few wks ago my girlfriends & I were sitting around the table talking about handbags & which ones we'd love to have. One was like, "Whatever...I'd rather have jewelry." I can respect that. I like both though :smile: I just got my first LV (last wk) but I've been wanting it for a while. If I had to choose I'd get jewelry, then hold out for the bag...but still make sure I got it ;)
  5. I love my LV's but Ive also been investing in jewelry. The price of GOLD has shot up dramatically lately so regardless its a good investment. I look at it like this ..LV's are great to have and resale is usually good but when crap hits the fan and the dollar is worth nothing...Id rather have GOLD/jewelry than my LV because the LV wont feed my family but GOLD will always be worth something!
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    I look at this differently. I buy bags because I enjoy them. There is a good amount of use value. If I buy jewelry, I buy it to enjoy it not to have it so I can sell it later. If you are buying precious metal as an investment, buy it in the investment grade. Anything less than that purity won't be worth it to melt down just to purify the alloy.

    Make a stable living, have a backup plan (savings). Other than that just enjoy life! After all, life is too short!
  7. I think everyone has their own likeness.. whether its a bag, jewelry or anything.. if ur crazy about LV.. then ur thoughts and mind would only fancy this.. none matters even the bling..:smile:
  8. I love my Louis, and I love my Tiffany and diamonds! Heck, I just love it all! I believe in having a nice, well-rounded collection of fancy!!