Do you sometimes regret spending all your money on an LV instead of jewelry?

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  1. Same with me! ;)
  2. Oh, this is a nice thread!

    I spend money on both...I'm not really into rings or necklaces. I LOVE Anita Ko earrings though. So I spend a lot on those. But maybe after time, my preference will change and I will be either more into jewellery or bags, I am only 18 so only time will tell. :biggrin:
  3. I don't wear much jewellery.
    Love watches and Bags;)

  4. ita!!
  5. I'm not big into expensive jewelry, so it doesn't bother me. I did buy some Tiffany diamond studs, but other than that, I'm simple when it comes to jewelry.
  6. somebody please close this thread down I am so sick of it !
  7. Deepott - that was not nice. Why are you sick of it?
  8. If you're sick of it you can just not read it. PERIOD.
  9. Tell us how you really feel next time.

    Don't like it? Well don't read it. Everyone is happy.

    Incidentally this thread made me put alot of thought into my last bag purchase. I did seriously consider jewellery but the bag won in the end.
  10. We don't close threads because someone is sick of it. Just don't open/read the thread.:biggrin:
  11. I solve that problem by buying LV fine jewelry :nuts:.
  12. I'm not a big jewellery fan. I have a few nice watches but that's about it. I also think I'm a bit 'young' for fine jewellery, that and it's aimed more towards women.
  13. No because if the jewelry isn't top quality it wouldn't appreciate as much as I would want. Also anything at Cartier, Tiffany, or other top quality jewelers you couldn't get anything I would like for 1200.
  14. Plus a fine watch is still over 1200 too.
  15. depends on who buys it! If I buy it, I would buy LV. If DBF buys it, hes gonna spend on jewelry :smile: