Do you sometimes regret spending all your money on an LV instead of jewelry?

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  1. Me too I buy both but lately it hasn't been as balanced as I like it to be. I've been buying more bags lately than the other finer things in life. I will try to make next year a little bit different maybe do more travelling instead of shopping :P
  2. Tavelling is my top priority too! but ever since I gave birth to my 2nd child 4 months ago, it has become the last priority :sad: Hope things will be different by next year :smile:

  3. Same here! ;)

    My mom always buys gold/ white gold with pearl or diamonds jewelry in sets (minimum of 3 sets per year) but a set will just be worn in a maximum of 2x per year. She wears the earrings or ring or necklace (of a set) though for a minimum of 1x per week. On the other hand, I just buy bags 2x per year. And, I use my bags regularly; nothing is kept in the cabinet for 1 straight month :smile: I also buy jewelry sets but only 1x per year and only those that can be worn daily.

    As per travel and food - hubby and I splurge! :biggrin: Nothing beats new experiences and making new memories with the family.
  4. hmmm i've often thought about this myself. but with the way things are going, i find that resale values of LV is about the same as some jewelry. so from the practical aspect it makes sense to me. and besides, i have more mileage out of purses than i do with jewelry actually
  5. ITA! more often than not I think wow, I could go back to Europe or finally head to Japan w/ the money I just spent on that bag. getting a new LV on vacay is the ultimate souvenir :biggrin:
  6. Not quite a jewelry person, bags all the way for me!
  7. I have upgraded my wedding rings in the 30 years we have been married but now seem to only want to wear my Tacori rings. One is a very thin band and the other is a thin band with tiny diamonds and a sapphire (1 carat) in the middle. I will wear them almost everyday.
    I am not a big jewelry fan. I like smaller understated pieces.

    Now for my LV bags I am in love with them. I have had one bag for over 20 years and used it forever before I passed it on to a friend. I get more enjoyment and use from my LV bags then any piece of jewelry. Many of my bags are over 10+++ years and they still look great. I have sold bags to rebuy new ones. I once read in a book that when you go to buy something you should divide it on cost per wear. I can say I have worn my LV for years and years and I can't say that about any piece of jewelry I own.
    Even with friends who collect jewelry for gifts they only wear them for special occassions and most sit in their jewelry boxes. Jewelry has a mark up and there are many things that will not come close to getting what you paid for if you resell.
  8. I try to balance traveling, LV & jewelry purchases. I have choosen jewelry over LV in the past because of the type of jewelry and the value out weight that of a LV; and have choosen a trip over LV due to the location. However, out of all of the three, LV is the more easy for me to purchase in a short period of time, so I always gravitate to it first.
  9. It is a good question.. I generally dont buy my own jewelry my husband buys it for me, for what ever special occasion.. I told him lately that I prefer bags, mainly because I have my main pieces with regards to jewels.
  10. No!
  11. I appreciate jewelry, but don't carve it. So bags for me!
  12. I love having jewelry but I crave bags way more and don't mind spending my money on them.
  13. I don't have a huge 'good/real' jewelry collection but I have more than I can wear at one time, and when I die it will probably just go on eBay or something (no children) so I have no desire for more. I'd rather have things to use and enjoy and if they are worn out when I die it doesn't matter to me.
  14. Yeah, ur MIL has a point. Jewellary eg, gold, diamonds should appreictae in value over time, whereas LVs doesn't (except in some rare cases).

    That's y i try to balance the two. I've a few Tiffany pieces.
  15. So true! I have jewelry, but I'm not extravagant. I have my favorite pieces and I'm happy with that. But, I'd much rather travel than have lots of LV. Now, the best scenario would be for me to be able to travel with my fav LV pieces! LOL