Do you sometimes regret spending all your money on an LV instead of jewelry?

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  1. For me it's definately LV bags over jewelry! I have a nice watch, nice earrings, two nice bracelets, three nice pearl sets and my wedding/engagement rings. That's all I need in the way of "good" jewelry, the rest I wear is necklaces for different outfits from accessory departments of stores (e.g. H&M have great stuff). I believe that good jewelry, although lovely, "dates" really easily and can look out of fashioned quickly. Hard to resell as well because jewelry is very much personal taste, not mainstream. That's why I stick to the classics/basics & keep it simple. Whereas LV bags are always in fashion LOL, easily to sell and never look out of place!
  2. one:jewelry while me: bags
    two:cars while me: bags
    three:travel while me:bags

    everyone has their own indulgence....
  3. Wish I could buy both equally :P

    I have enough bags to satisfy me for now so I've shifted over to jewelry for a bit.
  4. I am not into big bling, so no :smile:
  5. I'm satisfied with what I have of both. I mix it up.
  6. not at all, b/c i buy both..if i see a piece of jewelry i buy it as well..i love fine jewelry so much!
  7. LOL!! I spend $$ on both! ;)
  8. Jewelry + LV bag + travel = I want all of them. I will never ever regret spending my money on these things. Life is short so might as well enjoy them all!
  9. Same here. =]
  10. I'm definitely getting that way. After I get a few more staple bags, I'm spending all my extra $$$ on watches, rings and brooches. :sunshine:

    But, I'm starting to wonder if this bag and jewelry admiration will stop or develop into a passion for something else later in life. I'm in my 20s and I hate to think I'm buying things that I will "grow out of" in the near future. I guess I should start a new thread. :P
  11. I buy both, its a balance. I'm not into a lot of jewelry, but I have two very nice watches I always wear. I'm getting the Cartier LOVE bracelet in Dec (Christmas gift from BF) but that's a classic piece I will wear daily and I've always wanted one. I've purchased some expensive jewelry in the past (vintage look) and my taste has changed, so it just sits in the box.
  12. Right now, my priorities are:

    1) Travelling
    2) Jewelry
    3) Bags, bags, bags.

    I own plenty of #2 and #3, so I'm working on #1. :lol:

    This may sound depressing, but you can't bring the jewelry and the bags with you when you die. But you'll always have the good memory of travelling the world.
  13. So true I feel the same way!!
  14. maybe six months ago I would have said no way but currently I decided I should get some investment pieces from Cartier. not much but just something special. so the alma has been postponed to later next year
  15. I know what you mean by this!! There was a time when I got sick of designer purses (was still not into LV that time) and got into other pursuits. But my love for purses got renewed when I bought my first LV and it's been a few years already and I still feel the lvoe :smile:

    But who knows? As I get older maybe my outlook would change and getting the next handbag may be scratched from my list of priorities. :biggrin: Hopefully by the time that happens I would've amassed quite a collection of purses :graucho: