Do you sometimes regret spending all your money on an LV instead of jewelry?

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  1. ^^^^ I'm very particular about jewelry. I have a few silver things from Tiffany's and DY, but unless I need a separate rider on my home insurance, I could care less about jewelry. I got my HG watch for Christmas in 2008 and my earrings last year so I would rather a bag. My husband hates the purse obsession so I can count on him to get jewelry for special occasions.
  2. I never regret spending money on LV because I love the few LVs I have. This year I have spent way more on jewelry. I go through phases--maybe next year I'll spend a lot on purses... plus a lot of the LVs I want are out of stock right now.
  3. Me too, I love watches but I never wear them they tend to annoy me don't know why?! I have a habit of taking things off without thinking e.g., I take one earring out and lose it! again don't know why?!...actually I think its when I take a call, I have to take it out! So for me jewelry wouldn't be an investment as losing it would be a bigger loss/waste!
  4. No, I've never been into wearing real jewelry. I just wear the fashion stuff :P
  5. No, after losing a few pieces of jewelry and going through that heartbreak I rather not invest much in jewelry. A few pieces makes me happy. I would prefer a new bag any day over jewelry unless it was like a huge engagement ring *hopeful*
  6. My problem is, I am not allowed to spend money on any rings. And rings are the one piece of jewelry I like to wear all the time. My finace doesn't even like it when I wear any rings other than the engagement ring he got me. I have a Cartier ring I got for myself, and he insists that I don't wear it! Maybe he doesn't believe that I got it for myself...

    Since I am not allowed to buy rings, I buy bags & shoes... until I save up enough for my "Milestone Birthday Watch". I don't know what it is yet but I still have a couple more years to figure that out. :biggrin:
  7. ^^^^^Not allowed to buy rings???? I can see not wearing a ring on you left ring finger, but does that include the right hand too? The diamond industry made the right hand ring a near necessity with their clever advertising.
  8. I like diamonds too but since I have a nice diamond ring, a diamond bracelet, a few pairs of earrings and a couple of necklaces, I am happy. As for LVs, I could never get enough as there are so many bags/lines to choose from.

    I am now thinking of saving up for a A. Lange & Shone or a Vacheron Constantin watch. If I do decide to get either one, I would have to seriously cut down on my LV purchases.
  9. I get more use out of my bags as well. I have some jewelry, but for everyday, I just wear earrings and sometimes, a necklace. I'm a very busy person so if I have more than that, I feel like I'm wearing too much and they get in the way of everything. I also work in a clinical laboratory so we're not really allowed to wear anything besides small stud earrings.
  10. Never!! hahaha, handbags are my first love!!
  11. Well considering that iv spent enough on LV this year to buy a new car.... Hmmmmm... Regrets? NO! Love my LVs too much, not a big jewelry fan!
  12. Haha... yeah... it certainly worked out for the diamond industry. I think it's a pride thing though. Because he just doesn't believe that I bought it for myself~ but when I work my part time job on the weekends, where I can't really wear a diamond ring to, he doesn't mind that I wear a cheap ring with a little rhinestone bow on my ring finger?! haha...
  13. I have enough jewelry to last me a lifetime ( gifts)...

    so its bags for me
  14. NOPE lv over jewelry
  15. My first post on the Purse Forum!
    (Perfect 'cause I feel pretty strongly about this one.)

    To me it's a no brainer - new LV bags before new jewelry any day. I hardly ever wear any jewelry other than my wedding ring anyway and as forgetful and clumsy as I am (I almost lost my wedding ring a bunch of times - the only reason I kept finding it & still have it is luck) I would NOT want to risk losing really expensive jewelry. Bags are a little harder to lose or forget (knock on wood) and you wear them everyday! I have enough nice jewelry for formal occasions but have no desire to add to the collection - but you can't have enough purses!