Do you sometimes regret spending all your money on an LV instead of jewelry?

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  1. This question occurred to me as my MIL and I were talking about our love for designer purses. She said though that she has her limits on the amount of money she would spend on a bag. She finds spending over 1.5-2K on a bag 'too much' and would rather use the money to buy jewelry instead. It kind of made me realize that yes, the amount of money I'd spend on an LV (which will end up looking old in time) could go to a jewelry set that will look new forever and its value could either appreciate or stay relatively stay the same in time.

    I still love my LVs though and plan to buy more in the future :graucho: but maybe I should channel some of my $$ to something more 'lasting' like jewelry? lol
  2. I'd never thought about it really, you make a good point!

    I'm quite terrible with jewellery and losing it, so I've never really invested in it. It's taken me a long time to start building on my meagre LV collection to after I have all of my wishlist I might just splurge on a ring hehe.

    Do you wear alot of Jewellery DisCo? Btw - loooove your Trevi and Cles!
  3. ^Thanks CookieLady love the Ebene and Pomme combo!

    I don't really wear a lot of jewelry -- I only wear simple ones, nothing too fancy. But I probably could get something fancier with the same amount as an LV handbag lol.
  4. Many have both on here and can afford both with no problem. For others they buy or have what they like.
  5. I don't feel guilty unless there is some piece of jewelry on my wishlist. Lately I've been buying bags and not jewelry. But I plan to "upgrade" my diamond next year so I'll have to save for that along with a couple of LV's! I tend to only buy "real" jewelry not cosmetic but I happen to love silver and that's pretty inexpensive. I have some gold pieces that I inherited so I use them and haven't bought any recently since gold is at a high.

  6. I'd rather have a new LV than new jewelry. But if it came down to it, I'd rather travel than have a new LV.

    The best scenario would be to get a new LV while travelling and wearing the old jewelry I already have. :smile:
  7. I try to balance my LV obsession with my david yurman obsession equally :biggrin:
  8. Never--in fact, I am considering selling some jewelry to fund more LV:smile::biggrin:
  9. I am there! I have enough bags.....ready for more bling....!!!!
  10. My mom is a totally jewelry feind and will spned lots of money on it but she things spending lots of money on bags is a waste. I am the opposite - I believe in having a few good, staple jewelry pieces and then spending some money here and there on more trendy, fun pieces. I can't really wear much jewelry anyway because of my job so I would rather spend the $$ on bags!
  11. Not really. I seldom wear my jewellery and even then I sometimes forget to wear my watch !
  12. I get more use of my bags than jewelry. Just like a car, no one will pay more for your jewelry than you. I have spent a great amount of money in watches and diamonds and they sit in a safe deposit box and I can't do much with any of them because no one will pay a fair price for any of it. I think that if jewelry were your love you wouldn't have this question at'd be buying jewelry ;)

    I love your Damier pieces BTW :biggrin:
  13. never, since I love LV so much, why bother spending money on something I don't like so much.
  14. i'm not a jewelry type of person, so nope i do not regret on buying LVs (:*
  15. i like bags more than jewelry, so no. :smile: